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Linux Quick Install

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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco provides a package that includes all of the programs you need for using Alfresco on your Linux machine. To download it, go to and select Download Alfresco Community. You are redirected to the Source Forge download page.

Select the alfresco-<version->linux-community.bin version of the file.

This file contains PostgreSQL, Java (JRE), Tomcat, and Open Office.

Important:   A quick installer package is available for Alfresco Labs 3 B. See the Linux installer instructions.

To install Alfresco, execute this file using the following steps:

  • Change the permissions on the download so that it can be executed
chmod a+x ./alfresco-<version->linux-community.bin

  • (Optional) You may need to change to root to execute the installer
su (or sudo -s on some platforms that have the super user account disabled by default)

  • Execute the installer

Follow the instructions presented by the installer.

Wait a few seconds to allow Tomcat to start and open your favourite web browser. Browse to http://localhost:8080/alfresco. The first time you use Alfresco, your username will be admin and your password will be the one you choosed during install.

If you receive an error about OpenOffice being unable to open the display:

  1. Stop Alfresco by running <install location>/bin/ stop.
  2. Follow these instructions to register OpenOffice and create a virtual XWindows environment for OpenOffice to run in.
  3. Start Alfresco by running <install location>/bin/ start.