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Web Crawlers

Open Source Web Crawlers

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BPM Engines and Editors

There is a brief overview of these systems in BPMSummary.



Shark ObjectWeb, LGPL - XPDL

Bonita ObjectWeb, LGPL -XPDL

OSWorkflow OpenSymphony, Apache - proprietary

WfMOpen GPL - proprietary

XFlow GPL - proprietary

Imixs Apache - proprietary

Open Business Engine Apache - proprietary

OpenWFE BSD - proprietary

ODE Apache - BPEL


Jawe ObjectWeb, GPL

Java Forums

jForumFusion looks simplistic but is implemented on Hibernate and Spring.  Not active currently.  Academic Free Licence (ok for us to sell). (5 links)

JavaBB looks good and is an attempt to clone phpBB, again built on Spring, Hibernate and Lucene.  Apache Licence. (29 links)

Yazd looks ok.  Apache Licence. (537 links)

mvnForum is rich and full of functions and is active. GPL Licence. (1110 links mostly 1 site)

jForum well featured and looking good (like phpBB).  BSD Licence. (1570 links)

jGossip new, built with Struts.  Mozilla licence. (15 links)

Java Wikis

XWiki Code is needs work. (682 links)

JspWiki  Core wiki functionality, well structured code, used by ObjectWeb and JBoss. (6,260 links)

SnipSnap Code needs work, but graphing macros are major feature.  Lots of other non-core wiki features (e.g. blogging) and seems to getting a high profile (60,200 links)

Java Issue Trackers

List here: Issue Management / Bug Tracking