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Competitive CMS Products
OpenText is one of the top 3 providers of commercial enterprise content management systems. Having its roots in search technology (its search engine was initially used by Yahoo), it has developed into document management with a focus on collaboration. The most recent version of the key product Livelink, Livelink 9.5, has all the document management functionality and a friendly user interface. Livelink is a modular system. Most functionality like workflow management, records management, classifications, reporting can be disabled or enabled bu installing or deinstalling the modules. Most of the modules are charged extra.

In 2004 OpenText acquired IXOS. Like most acquisitions, the IXOS proposition will be integrated into the main Livelink product range. IXOS is specialised in transaction based document management, like high volume order processing. With this proposition on one side, business document management in the middle and email management on the other side, OpenText now handles all types of enterprise content.

By integrating all the products with client applications on higher OSI layers (transaction based content with SAP, business documents with MS Office and email with Outlook and Exchange Server) and creating strategic alliances with SAP and Toshiba, OpenText is positioning itself the coming years as a enterpise content management layer just on top off databases and filesystems. Being at this level, it provides interfaces to various client applications and content management functionality like versioning, audit trails and privilege management.