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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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150px|left|thumb|Jan Pfitzner
Our featured contribution, Opsoro, was contributed by Jan Pfitzner of fme AG. Jan is Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Architect (or just an Alfrescian) at fme, Germany's largest ECM Service vendor.

After becoming “frustrated with the outdated architecture and the poor development speed” of closed-source ECM products, he and his colleague Florian Maul attended an Alfresco Web Script webinar.

That experience prompted them to build an AJAX-based repository browser using Web Script technology. They evaluated several AJAX libraries including qooxdoo, GWT, Eclipse RAP and ExtJS but found that ExtJS best met their needs. They said that they had so much fun mastering the technologies that they named the prototype opsoro, short for 'OPen SOurce ROcks!'

You can read more about the prototype and their experience building it in the Web Scripts forum. Incredibly, it took less than ten days and has the following features:

- Rich Internet Application (RIA) feel - sortable and movable columns, view and hide components, asynchronous loading

- Search as you type

- Folder, category and tag cloud browser

- My Alfresco portal - draggable portlets

- Document tagging

- Embedded preview - crop content & image preview

- Inline view – supports text, pdf and images

If you've developed an Alfresco application and would like to share your experience, please consider posting to one of the forums.

Opsoro isn't an active project at the moment. It is just a proof-of-concept of combining ExtJS & Alfresco WebScripts.
But Jan is still active in developing new ideas & visions. You can follow Jan at twitter: http://twitter.com/alfrescian & via his blog http://blog.alfrescian.com

Forge Project

Opsoro is now an Alfresco Forge project and available here under the terms of GPL.


750px|left|thumb|opsoro: my Alfresco portal
750px|left|thumb|opsoro: category browser
750px|left|thumb|opsoro: tag cloud browser
750px|left|thumb|opsoro: document tagging
750px|left|thumb|opsoro: inline view
750px|left|thumb|opsoro: grouping grid