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The official documentation is at:

Partner-Maintained Pages

Partner-Maintained Wiki Pages

In order to encourage partner contribution of high-value content, Alfresco is pleased to announce a program for partner-maintained Wiki pages. Alfresco partners have a wealth of experience installing, configuring, and building applications on top of the Alfresco platform. This program gives partners a chance to display their name and logo on contributed pages and at the same time, our community benefits from the additional source of content.

Partners with expertise in specific areas such as content migration or JBoss SEAM integrations for instance, can highlight that experience by contributing articles to the Wiki.

Some suggestions:

  • Anything that’s missing on the Wiki.  Find a gap and fill it. 
  • Technology case studies, i.e. how you solved a particular problem.
  • Integration with portals
  • Data migration
  • Tutorials
  • Performance tuning guidelines, server sizing
  • Design or implementation best practices


  • We are looking for significant contributions that provide a real value to the community. In depth, technical information that community members can use to solve an issue or improve their chances of success.
  • Keep in mind that the quality of the content on the page will reflect on your company.  Having good accurate information is key to showcasing your expertise.
  • The sponsorship period is one year.  Extensions will be provided as long as the page is actively maintained.
  • Only current partners are eligible for the program. 
  • The contribution is nonexclusive.  Feel free to maintain a copy of the content on your site for your customers. 

How to create a sponsored page: 

Use this page as an example:  When you create a page, include a reference to the template “Partner Info,” with information about your company.


Including the template will automatically tag the page to be a part of the 'Partner-Maintained Pages' Category.   See Partner-Maintained Pages.  Additionally, please add your own categories related to your content area so that people can find them easier.  Try to reuse existing categories whenever possible. 
Alfresco employees will review the contributions to maintain proper categorization.