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The official documentation is at:

Competitive CMS Products
The key features that Plumtree's Content Server is sold on are:

  • Data-Entry Templates allow users to create their own Web pages by entering text and uploading images into templates developed by a Content Server administrator.
  • Rich Text Editing allows users to create visually rich content without requiring knowledge of HTML or other Web development skills.
  • Presentation Templates ensure branding consistency across the pages, communities and applications deployed through the portal.
  • Workflow empowers business users to simplify common content-approval processes.
  • Scheduled publishing and expiration allow users to schedule publishing for a future date and time, and automatically remove content from pages and the portal’s search index.
  • Desktop integration through WebDAV and WebEdit allows users to bulk-import content, manage files from their desktop and check out, edit, and check in content seamlessly.
  • Library Services ensure that authors do not unintentionally duplicate or override one another's work

Their latest capabilities include:

Content Creation:

  • New rich text editor supports undo/redo, relative links, HTML formatting
  • New portlet wizard creates content portlets from within communities
  • New WebEdit feature allows Office document editing without downloading a local copy
  • Improved WebDAV for bulk upload using Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Improved announcement and branding portlets
  • Easy insertion of tables, images and portal tags

Publishing and Workflow

  • New work list portlet to claim, transfer, delegate or assign workflow activities
  • Improved workflow editor to manage publishing procedures
  • Ability to expire published content from the portal, Knowledge Directory and search index
  • Ability to schedule publishing and expiration for a specific date, daily or weekly
  • Ability to apply workflow to any Content Server folder

Content Administration

  • New Quicklinks feature for quick access to home and frequently used folders
  • Multiple portlets supported per folder at any level of the content hierarchy
  • Folder-level security and delegation


  • New Portlet Template wizard
  • Support for default values and long text entry
  • Ability to customize online instructions for non-technical content contributors