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Preview Release 3

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The official documentation is at:

Preview Release 3

This release is still an evaluation release and is not fully functional or intended for production use.

Enhancements since 2.1:

  • Improved performance of repo and client UI
  • Space and Document details page UI enhancements
  • User Managements screen improvements and additions, including home space location
  • First repository API usage example in repositorySmiley Surprisedrg.alfresco.example


  • Search Index issue when single item added and then deleted AR-47
  • Breadcrumb path behaviour
  • Correct Space icons shown in appropriate places
  • Disk space reporting correction to CIFS server
  • User Shortcuts - delete space handling fixed
  • Home Space location fixes to New/Edit User
  • Version counting support tables created by Hibernate - should correct Oracle9i issues when creating schema
  • Start & stop shell scripts for OpenOffice added back into Linux bundles

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