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Project Overview: Aikau

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Purpose and Scope

Aikau is a widget composition library which makes it easy to build applications on top of Alfresco's Surf framework.





Aikau is shipped as part of Alfresco Share. It can also be obtained from:


Governance Model

Most of the roadmap of Aikau is determined by the needs of Alfresco Share, Alfresco Records Management, and other Alfresco products that use the library. However, the Aikau team takes a lot of contributions and suggests from the open source community. Open source contributions are considered for inclusion based on their quality, relevance to the current roadmap, and our quality assurance backlog.



Aikau is made available under the terms of the LGPLv3.


Source Code

GitHub - Alfresco/Aikau: Aikau UI framework 


Issue Tracker

The team works from the "Aikau (AKU)" project at


The public can raise issues in the ALF project at, and they will be linked into the appropriate project during triage.

The team also monitors the issue list in the GitHub repository.

Subscribers to Alfresco support should report issues through the Alfresco Support Portal, so that they can be properly tracked and escalated.


Road Map

We are still working on publishing a road map.


Customers can escalate feature requests through Alfresco Support.



[TODO: Brief summary here that links to more detail]

We are working on documenting the architecture.


Contribution Guidelines

The best way to submit a contribution is to make a pull request in GitHub. We will need you to sign a Contribution Agreement before we can accept your contribution.

All contributions should meet the acceptance criteria.

If you are interested in making a large contribution, please reach out to us before starting work so that we can discuss the likelihood of our accepting the contribution.