Project Overview: Content Services

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Project Overview: Content Services

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) assists organizations in managing business-critical content and document centered processes. Alfresco Content Services provides an open ECM platform which is easy to extend, customize and integrate with your existing applications and processes. The product provides easy mobile access to content, delivers a simple but rich collaboration user experience, and helps customers maximize the value of their content. With Alfresco Content Services, organizations can manage any type of content, from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and even large video files.

Alfresco Software follows an open core business model. We release open source products that meet core Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) use cases, and we sell proprietary products that include expert support for mission critical and advanced deployments. Our open source products consist of multiple open source projects, and each project has its own governance, licensing, and contribution model. This space is used to coordinate our efforts around the projects that make up Alfresco Community Edition, which is the open source core of Alfresco Content Services. In this space you can learn about the various open source projects, contribute to usage or development guides, and ask and answer questions.

Main Projects:

See our corporate web site for more information about our commercial offerings.

Project Governance

The projects listed above are treated as products of Alfresco Software. Alfresco controls the trademarks and commit rights to the official source trees. Each of the projects are distributed under open source licenses, and the development tools are public as described on the various Project Overview pages. There are many other ways to Contribute to the Projects such as contributing add-ons to the addons directory. Some of these add-ons have been accepted into the product.

A group of open source enthusiasts created an independent organization to help govern the ecosystem around Alfresco Community Edition. They call themselves the Order of the Bee, and they collaborate closely with Alfresco Software. You can learn more about their activities on their web site.

Project Organization

These pages will help you to better understand this group of projects:

Secondary Projects

Google Docs Integration

Alfresco Content Services provides an integration with Google Docs.

Artifacts: The AMP is available with each Alfresco Community Edition file list.
Source Code: GitHub - Alfresco/google-docs: Alfresco Google Docs integration 
Governance: The roadmap of the project is determined by Alfresco Product Management in response to customer needs and analysis of the market place. Open source contributions are considered for inclusion based on their quality, relevance to the current roadmap, and our quality assurance backlog.
Roadmap: We are working on publishing a roadmap.
License: LGPL

Alfresco SDK

The Alfresco SDK makes it easy to build customizations on top of Alfresco Content Services including the Content Repository and Alfresco Share.
Documentation: Alfresco SDK 3.0 | Alfresco Documentation 

Artifacts: The SDK is available through Maven
Source Code:  
Governance: The SDK is governed by the contributor community with input from Alfresco Product Management.
License: Apache

Alfresco REST API Explorer

The REST API Explorer uses the OpenAPI specification and Swagger UI to provide an easy way to browse the Alfresco REST API.
Artifacts: The API explorer can be accessed at, or can be obtained through Maven by using the Alfresco SDK.

Source Code: 
Governance: The REST API Explorer is maintained by Alfresco Engineering with input from Alfresco Product Management and community contributors.
License: Apache

Chef Alfresco

Build scripts to automate installing and maintaining a deployment of Alfresco Content Services using the Chef tools.
Documentation: Home · Alfresco/chef-alfresco Wiki · GitHub 
Artifacts: The scripts are available on GitHub

Source Code: 
Governance: The Chef Alfresco build scripts are governed by the contributor community in GitHub with input from Alfresco Product Management.
License: Apache