Records Management Certification

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Records Management Certification

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The official documentation is at:

Records ManagementDOD5015.2

The certification process for DoD 5015.2 Records Management as it relates to Alfresco is described here. The full certification process is managed by Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). Detail of the Records Management System Compliance Testing Program can be found on the JITC website.

Certification Timeline

  Time to Certification
  Due/Actual Date
  T-16  Software demonstration  29th May 2009  Complete
  T-13  Submit Updated CTE  15th June 2009  16th June 2009
  T-12  Agree Test Dates and Location  22nd June 2009  22nd June 2009
  T-8  Submit documentation to JITC  22nd July 2009
  T-6  Begin submission of test scripts for test cases 2-1 through 91  3rd August 2009
  T-4  Submit final test scripts  17th August 2009
  T-4  Submit section 508 Tables  17th August 2009

Certification Tests

These are the Test Scripts and Results from the Alfresco QA process.

Certification Documents

The certification documents presented here are a compilation of documentation available on the Alfresco Wiki repackaged in the required order for the certification process.

Conceptual Documentation

This document sets out the concepts behind the implementation of a records management system for DoD 5015.2 certification based on the Alfresco ECM platform. The underlying implementation generalizes out records management concepts which in turn can be used to construct different records management implementations based on different guidelines, or standards, for records management which might be country or region specific for example MoReq2 for Europe and Functional Specifications for Electronic Records Management Systems Software for Australia.