Records Management User Guide (Talk)

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Records Management User Guide (Talk)

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Where can i find the testdata record_space.acp mentioned in this document?
I like to have a simple instruction how to use this records managent to understand how it all works.


The Netherlands

Good question, Johan, I agree with you 100%!!!!

Yes, how do you find this testdata to really try it out?
Where do you find a good, up2date manual for Records Management?

Be fair to Open Source Software Users, provide GOOD documentation.



Hi, just wanted to thank you for telling me that it is already there.
This made me go and try many things, and finally, I decided to use the 2.9 Beta version of alfresco-community-tomcat.
After I MMT the records-management.amp file, starting alfresco, then, as you said it: 'It's there!!.

I got the 'RECORDS_SPACE' under Company Home.

Is there any reason, not to ask what version I was using?
Is everybody supposed to use the beta version?

Well, anyways, thanks for your help, I do appreciate.
Let me go and update the wiki for records management.

Thanks again,

Yours truly