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Records ManagementDOD5015.2
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This document should be considered work in progress and does not reflect features currently available in Alfresco.

Records Management Roles

Within the system a role is a named collection of functional user access (termed capabilities), a role may be assigned to one or more users, but a user may be assigned one, and only one, role at a time. In order for a user to be able to use the records management system they must have a role. The system comes with the following pre-defined roles.

  • RMA Application Administrator
  • Records Manager
  • Local Records Officer
  • Typical User


The system will support a range of capabilities. A capability is an ability which individually can be granted to a user which controls the behavior of the system with respect to the user, this may be to grant a certain operation or privilege or it may be to alter the behavior of the system for that user.

Capabilities cannot conflict and are not hierarchical, that is to say a user can be granted a single capability and that capability will not grant any further capabilities. Any user may have zero or more capabilities within the system. A user which has no capabilities is effectively barred from the records management system.

The following capabilities are defined; the predefined roles are shown in the table with their respective capabilities - To Come.