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Release 1.2RC2

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The official documentation is at:

1.X Releases

Changes/fixes since 1.2RC1

  • Guest User support for JBossPortal2.2 bundle.
  • Saved Searches functionality now automatically upgraded from a pre 1.2 database (no admin steps required)
  • Multiple category searches in a specific space issue fixed
  • Configuration file reorganisation - to allow easier extension and simple upgrading between versions:

  • External Access URLs now correctly redirect to login page if additional permissions are required to process a node.
  • Creation Date and Modified Date not picking up server machines UTC offset time fixed.
  • Improvements to web-services samples and Linux support.
  • Repository memory leak issue fixed - would eventually cause an out-of-memory error after many thousands of requests to the server.
  • Improved Lucene lock handling - Lucene lock exceptions no longer occur under extremely heavy server load.
  • Import/Export process improvements and fixes.
  • FTP server fixed.
  • Guest User support added to CIFS server.
  • Guest User support added to FTP server, mapped to the FTP anonymous login.
  • Ability to have automatically generated URL files in CIFS folders that link back to the web-client view of the same folder.
  • Saved Search and direct Lucene query support added to Templating API:

  • Inherit Parent Space Permissions checkbox issue fixed on IE browser
  • Update of all example template files - fixes and example enhancements
  • Fix for issue where the Locale was not being set to a default for Guest user
  • Other fixes - please see JIRA!

Major changes since Release 1.1.2

  • JCR-170 Level 2 support

  • Forums and Discussions Space
Forum spaces allow users to create a hierarchy of forums. This also enables items in the repository to be 'discussed'. The discussions remain attached throughout the lifecycle of the document.

  • Alfresco + JBoss Portal bundle upgraded to run in JBossPortal 2.2.0.
Instructions are also provided here if you wish to deploy Alfresco into a vanilla install of JBossAS 4.0.3 or similar:

  • Guest User support for repository and web-client.
The default view without a user login is now the Guest Home Space. The Login action can be used to Login as a specific user. Alfresco content, template and external access URLs now support Guest for remote access to Guest readable repository objects without a specific user login.
NOTE: Cookie support is now required in your web browser for the 1.2 web-client.
NOTE: For RC1, Guest access and Guest access URLs are supported in servlet containers only!

  • Document level security added to the web-client

Upgrading from V1.0 and V1.1.x


  • Repository Patch system - automatic upgrade process of previous repository schemas to the latest schema version.
  • Repository Configuration Extensions mechanism - to reduce pain with upgrade procedure for customized versions of Alfresco.

  • Saved Searches functionality in the web-client
NOTE: For RC1, to activate Saved Searches functionality for a pre 1.2 database, the Admin user must grant the 'Contributor' role to the 'Everyone' Group for the 'Saved Searches' folder (found in 'Company Home/Data Dictionary') using the Manage Space Users dialog.

  • Advanced Search improvements - full-text/filename field is no longer mandatory for an advanced search, so user can perform searches without including a specific text/name match, such as 'show all files in category abc', 'show all content with author of xyz', 'show all folders under my home folder created after date 1-2-05'.
  • Simple and Advanced Search now supports basic operators - use '-' for NOT and '+' for AND terms e.g. one +two -three will find documents containing 'one' and containing 'two' but not 'three', the default is still OR if no operators specified.
  • Import and Export process improvements - supports Permissions import and export,
  • Signficant performance improvements to the Permissions framework - response time to generate most screens in the web-client improved by up to 70%
  • Performance improvements to login response time when there are many 100's of users loaded into the system.
  • Multiple category search added to Advanced Search screen
  • Take Ownership of a Space functionality available through the web-client
  • WebDav URLs now correctly support non-ASCII characters correctly (UTF-8 encoding)
  • Node Browser admin tool XPath support and improvements
  • Action web-service, Admin web-service, Access Control Web Service
  • Client config setting to allow the Shelf component to be hidden by default
  • System users administration page now uses a search based approach rather than showing all users by default.
  • Additonal Open Office and Star Office document formats added for full-text indexing
  • CIFS support for a URL link file that maps back to the web-client browse view of the same folder.
  • CIFS server can now be disabled by removing the configuration section from file-servers.xml
  • More action and conditions added
  • Support for Model content type allowing dictionary models to be stored and bootstraped from within the  repository.
  • Java web service client moved to a separate JAR with clearer samples and utility classes to help with common actions.


  • Memory leak issue patched (in Lucene 3rd party library) - would eventually cause an out-of-memory error after thousands of requests to the server
  • Fix to remove the 'AccessDenied' error message seen on some installs when the user first logs into their Home Space.
  • SQLServer2000 schema creation failure fixed 

  • Date Picker Component now correctly displays current year and N years before it.
  • Fix to problem trying to access the Alfresco WebDAV server using OpenOffice.
  • Default email reply address for Alfresco notifications is now configurable
  • Fixed a number of common CIFS problems when running under Linux (and other non-Windows platforms) where the firewall settings and/or broadcast mask default setting can cause CIFS server startup problems.
  • Many other fixes - please see JIRA!


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browser cache!

Known Issues

  • Override the transformer.ImageMagick bean found in <config>/alfresco/content-services-context.xml and modify the commands to suit your OS needs.