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Release 1.3

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Release 1.3


There have been many enhancements and fixes added with the release of 1.3, providing new functionality and greater configurability.

Key new features include:

  • JavaScript engine
  • Web-client customisation framework
  • Deleted item recovery and purge
  • Email templates
  • Data model constraints and required properties
  • Performance improvements
  • Space/folder actions
  • Link objects for files and folders
  • Scheduled actions
  • Full Repository Export & Import
  • Alfresco SDK (Developer Bundle)
  • Kerberos support

Upgrading from V1.2.x

It is very important to read the upgrade steps if you already have Alfresco installed.  You should also ensure you have a full backup of your data (see upgrade details).

Enhancements from Release 1.2.1

  • JavaScript repository scripting API
  • Web-client customisation framework
  • Deleted item recovery and purge
  • Email templates
    • FreeMarker Templates for emailing users invited to a Space and templates for notifying users via rules
  • Email groups of users
  • Configurable limited result set size for search
  • Dashboard (template) views can now be assigned to documents in Document Details screen
  • Data model constraints
  • Required property field support
  • Performance improvements
  • Space/folder actions - which allow workflow, adding removing aspect and other actions on spaces
  • Link objects for files and folders, including Paste As Link
  • Scheduled actions allow queries to be run on a timed basis and actions applied to the result set
  • Reapply Rules action
  • Full Repository Export & Import
  • Alfresco SDK (Developer Bundle)
  • Transaction-level Policies
  • Remove Aspect action added to repo and rule/action UI
  • Improved clipboard copy function to prepend 'Copy Of...' text as required
  • Create Shortcut functionality available for Forums and Topics
  • Configurable and extendable Command Servlet
  • 64-bit Windows OS support for CIFS DLL
  • Multi-value property editing support for custom types in web-client
  • Data-type contraints and validation support for editing custom properties in web-client
  • Kerberos and NTLMv2 support for authentication
  • Update event rule type
  • Folder-type restrictions in search
  • Execute multiple actions from Run Action wizard


  • Many other fixes - please see JIRA!


  • There are changes to JavaScript and CSS files - please clear your temporary internet files browser cache!
  • There is a minor database schema change between the Preview, Candidate Releases and 1.3.0.

Known Issues

  • OpenOffice 2.0.2 has a bug that means it cannot be used at all for document transformation.  There are also issues with converting certain documents to PDF in OpenOffice 2.0.1.  We therefore recommend OpenOffice 2.0.0 should be used until 2.0.3 is available (when the fix is planned).

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