Release 2.1.7

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Release 2.1.7

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Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.1 SP6 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier maintanence release, Alfresco 2.1, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Enterprise Content Management

ETWOONE-62 when running NFS alfresco as a non root user on Solaris machine, one gets a
ETWOONE-87 Behavior of delete cascade
ETWOONE-47 ExceptionStackUtil - isAssignableFrom object and parameter interchanged!
ETWOONE-123 Error message appears on server B when category is deleted from server A
ETWOONE-124 Add the property UUIDBinding to the bean org.alfresco.repo.importer.ImporterBootstrap
ETWOONE-29 Permission model may still throw null pointer exceptions when types are unknown in the DD
ETWOONE-141 Delete Permission Not Checked When Marking A File For Delete On Close
ETWOONE-106 Link Validation Service
ETWOONE-90 XSS in forum code
ETWOONE-91 the description textarea in the modify space properties web form eats one leading newline each time it is submitted
ETWOONE-155 Patches may get applied twice
ETWOONE-164 when a powerpoint 2007 pptx is stored in alfresco, acessing it using the web UI with IE6 or IE7 generates a browser error. Firefox works OK
ETWOONE-188 After session has timed out, expanding a space in the Navigator results in unfriendly error
ETWOONE-209 javascript person.createGroup() does not thrown an exception if group already exists
ETWOONE-216 webdav MOVE is refused by apache reverse proxy and rewritten as PUT and DELETE which causes all alfresco versions to be lost
ETWOONE-224 JavaScript copy of folder results in the same qname for all copies
ETWOONE-218 Common.js function needs to be changed to support root context
ETWOONE-241 SAXException - XML parser apparently is not thread safe while the JSP container is trying to get lots of different HTTP threads to parse
ETWOONE-244 CIFS\AVM stops responding and all folders are empty for a brief period
ETWOONE-321 MIscelleaneous FSR packaging items
ETWOONE-346 Export of space with large number of items silently fails
ETWOONE-378 Explicitly close BufferedInputStream in
ETWOONE-386 Poor exception handling in reindexing logic
ETWOONE-388 Long query sort times on alf_transaction table
ETWOONE-389 Current page number not always visible on the browse screen
ETWOONE-392 When link checker is disabled (as described in linkvalidation-services-context.xml) it should be completely disabled
ETWOONE-396 Need way to return result set size via web services
ETWOONE-397 Kerberos web filter checks the auth component type preventing startup
ETWOONE-398 AVM index AUTO and FULL updates should amalgamate the snapshots to index to minimise the index work.
ETWOONE-400 CLONE -putContent method in the org.alfresco.webservice.util.ContentUtils class fails to upload *.java, *.txt, *.xml/html files ok with *.doc,*.pdf, *.jpg, *.zip
ETWOONE-402 Copy/Paste on a document does not copy the discussions
ETWOONE-410 Open Lucene ResultSet memory leaks in client code (mostly WCM and dialogs)
ETWOONE-413 JSF client DownloadContent URLs are not cachable by a forward proxy (such as Apache mod_proxy+mod_cache) as they do not specify correct cache headers
ETWOONE-416 Deployment to FSR needs to take into account the absolute paths
ETWOONE-429 User's doesn't go to 'Details of Space' page if 'Start discussions' action was performed
ETWOONE-438 User's doesn't go to 'Detail of Content' page if 'Start discussions' action was performed
ETWOONE-478 Incorrect info displaying on Summary screens

Release Notes
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