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Release 2.1

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Major New Features

Enterprise Content Management

  • Web Scripts: New REST-based Alfresco Content Services and UI components.  Web Scripts provide the basis of Alfresco's future remoting API, integration, customization, and Web Content Management strategy.
  • Extended Javascript API: New support for Web Content Management, User and Groups and improved core repository services support within our Javascript API.  Designed for maximizing use of Web Script for integration and custom portlets and run-time WCM web components.
  • PHP Scripting Support: New PHP API to support choice in the Alfresco Community for Web Script development.  Can be used in lieu of Javascript for Alfresco customization.  Available as an AMP.
  • JSR-168 Portal Integration: Support for integrating Web Scripts into a JSR-168 compliant portal.  GA certification planned for both Liferay 4.3 and JBoss Portal 2.6.
  • Office Word 2003 Integration: Support for integrating Web Scripts into Microsoft Word.  Enables ECM collaboration and document management directly within Word, without requiring upgrades or significant user training.
  • Alfresco Web Client Integration: Support for integrating Web Scripts into the Alfresco web client.  Can be included as both dashlets or custom space views.
  • Pre-built JSR-168-compliant portlets: New pre-built portlets for document management and collaboration.  Powered by an exciting new AJAX-enabled UI with support for fish-eye zooming, thumbnail previews, and more.  Portlets include:  MyTasks, MySpaces, and MyDocuments (DocList).  Also includes BETA WCM portlet for MyWebForms and MyModified.
  • Pre-built Office web scripts: New pre-built web scripts for Office.  Includes Office-tailored user experience for MyTasks, MySpaces, MyDocuments, and Search.  Includes support for check-in / check-history, document version history management, PDF rendition management, and more.
  • Workflow Task Commenting, History, and Timers: Support for capturing comments when approving and rejecting content, along with viewing a history of completed tasks and any and all associated reviewer notes.  Also includes support for timed task transitions,     used within default WCM workflows for timed launch of content (see below)

Web Content Management

This release builds upon the significant enhancements in the ECM platform, adding support for:

  • Content Deployment:  Available to Enterprise customers with 2.0.1E, now available for Community evaluation and test.  Supports transactional, incremental deployment of any Staging snapshot to one or multiple servers.
  • Search:  Provides asynchronous indexing of the latest Staging snapshot to support search in web apps being built and managed in Alfresco.  Designed for easy use within web scripts so that deployed web pages can quickly generate lists of items published via Alfresco.
  • Content Launch:  Support for setting launch times when submitting change set for review.  Post approval, maintains approved content in specially tagged reviewer's sandbox and enabled tracking and preview of timed submissions from within the Web Project view.  Also provides support for short-circuit timed launches for immediate posting, as well as cancellation.
  • Content Expiration:  Support for automatic reassignment of potentially out-of-date items to last submitter. Expiration dates are set at time of content submission along with content launch, and create change requests at the appropriate time for end-users to determine whether content should be deleted or refreshed.
  • Locking:  Support for automatic locking of assets upon create and edit in the web client.  Support for automatic unlocking on Undo or a successful submit.  Provides support for Content Managers to override locks and edit, undo, or submit any work-in-progress items within their Web Project.
  • Custom TinyMCE toolbars:  Support for creating customized instances of the TinyMCE toolbar (which editing controls to enable), and specifying on an element-by-element basis which instance to instantiate in the form.

Community Contributions

  • Multi-lingual Document and Translation Management: A Community Contribution to assist in managing the document translation process and collections of translated material.  Available within the core ECM platform, includes support for:
    • Setting default language preferences as user preference, to filter space documents by language
    • Setting documents metadata in multiple languages, to be viewed and searched on based on user language preference
    • Marking documents for translation into different language
    • Versioning a collection of translated document as a unit (an edition)
  • Advanced Search List-Of-Values constraint support for custom attributes.
  • Web-client simple search can include other attributes in search such as Author or Description

Other Enhancements since Release 2.0

  • Metadata Extractors
    • Property to System metadata mapping is driven by configurations
  • Content Stores
    • Support added for routing of content to different content stores based on the content's context
    • Support for read-only content store implementations
  • ZIP file bulk import feature in web-client UI
  • Pop-up AJAX preview panels for documents and folders in web-client and portlet UIs
  • Outlook email full-text indexing
  • Scripting and Templating services now fully support plugin of additional scripting and templating engines such as PHP, Ruby etc.
  • Workflow
    • Upgrade to jBPM 3.2
    • Task timers
    • Task commentary
    • Workflow history
    • 'All tasks' Dashlet
    • WCM Submit Process review cycles
  • Client config for default dashboard for all users on first login
  • Autodetection of text file encoding

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in both 2.1.0 Community and 2.1.0 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Enterprise Content Management

AR-1571 Javascript fails execution with Hebrews encoding 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1527 Script Action Executor does not set correct space context 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1731 Javascript API processTemplate() broken 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1673 Javascript API does not create missing content 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1121 Javascript actions object cannot execute actions against NodeRef instances  2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1690 Web scripts url.args missing 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1676 Javascript API missing common functions from AVM Freemarker API 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1643 Web script args object does not handle multi-value args 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1631 Webscripts living in repo can stop Alfresco from starting  2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1629 Webscripts with more than one parameter do not register 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1590 Fail to find web scripts with non-EN locale 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1374 RepositoryServiceSoapBindingStub.queryAssociated() returns nothing 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

AR-1467 Lucene PATH queries break with folders with accented characters 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1466 Search sort fails with some index structures 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1465 ML Text does not support wild card and fuzzy queries 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1515 Lucene sort issue:  throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1723 Index info and dir clean-up leaves too many directories 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1713 Full text indexing can break if text transformers don't do anything 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1651 Lucene proximity search Text queries fail since upgrade to 2.0.1 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1649 MLPhrase queries can cross different ML values 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1645 Proximity searches broken 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1442 Cannot issue XPath queries for folders with names that are numbers 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

   Web Client
AR-1326 Unable to create or add files / folders with & in name 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1271 Custom component generators are ignored 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1248 Dates cannot be set beyond 2009 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1200 Cannot open a file in associated action after saving to disk 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1195 Email space users only available to admins 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1544 Emailed aspect needs to be added to content 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1530 Saved search does not work for custom properties of type d:text 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1528 NullPointerException caused by ErrorsRenderer 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1516 Create space based on existing space possible w/o selecting space 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1509 Delete action on checked-out items gives Explorer error 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1507 Forward, Back buttons no longer move through Spaces in Space 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1506 Configure Dashboard Wizard - no indication why cannot add new component 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1500 Email notifications do not display properly accented characters 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1499 Impossible to remove Complianceable aspect 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1496 OpenSearch dashlet can get into state where queries are not 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1495 Simple search for advanced attributes not working for spaces 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1492 Some included Javascript files use wrong app context path 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1490 ClassCastException when attempting to change content rule 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1481 Login dialog can appear recursively 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1479 Forum postings allow and execute arbitrary Javascript entries 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1474 List of message recipients and OK button not available on Email Space 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1438 Plain text content created with CRLF 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1390 Paste All option does not work for Forum spaces 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1379 Setting Guest location to Guest Home throws error 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1378 Changing Guest start location does not change location 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1324 Encoding of content should default to something sensible 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1321 Using zero as items per page gives error 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1217 Cannot differentiate between two users with same name in user picker 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1216 Web client always displays CIFS server link even if server not available 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1179 Searching for users in Invite User Wizard is slow with large # users 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1544 Emailed aspect needs to be added to content 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1544 Emailed aspect needs to be added to content 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1253 AddContent action not externally configured 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1541 View Details in pop-up info panel for link object does not show content 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1531 Link shown for space user restricted from seeing 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1311 Unsightly thumbnails of PPT, XLS in docslist portlet 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1301 Access Denied viewing details of content with association 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1299 ML space property editing should disallow blank properties 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1287 UI and/or server should extract useful exceptions 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

AR-1637 BatchUpdateException 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1616 Unable to export XML with associations defined on aspects 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1569 Missing Xerces dependency for SDK sample 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1567 SDK failure due to alfresco-deployment.jar dependency 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1564 Example JAAS / Kerberos config file incorrect 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1516 LDAP authentication checks at start-up fail 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1512 Permission in public-service-context.xml need to use lowest check 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1512 Permission in public-service-context.xml need to use lowest check 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1505 Check validity of calling onUpdateNode on parent nodes 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1512 Permission in public-service-context.xml need to use lowest check 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1484 Error in 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1468 Group names containing 'like' breaks Group administration 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1464 Locale set on content data is lost in callback 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1160 beforeDeleteNode and onDeleteNode policy gets fired twice 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1512 Permission in public-service-context.xml need to use lowest check 2.0 2.1.0 Community
AR-1688 Vista shows empty folder name when copying folder via CIFS 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1687 Vista client sends CIFS Queryinfo requests to IPC$ pipe files 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1685 Error creating workflow with no document associated 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1680 XPathMetadataExtractor can't handle certain XPath expressions 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1664 Bootstrapping from full export fails if filename differs with space 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1658 Need to use proxied version of authenticationService and autenticationComponent 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1655 Versioning is not MLText aware 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1654 Web service query performance 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1648 Creating group with name ending in users breaks group 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1642 Pooled task not auto-assigned when task completed by user 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1641 Web service caces need to be cluster-aware 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1635 Adding versionnable aspect with an inbound content rule 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1625 Empty translations don't track pivot document 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1623 Web services authentication errors during concurrent load test 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1621 Workflow bootstrap not sensitive to read-only mode 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1615 Clear up unknown category entries when nodes updated 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1611 NFS transaction problems under load 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1594 Default home for new users should be User Homes 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1593 Vista client cannot logon to Alfresco via CIFS 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1587 SDK CustomLogin fails when trying to display login page 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1586 Reapply same AMP gives exception 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1585 SDK CustomJSP sampel fails when displaying document details 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1581 SDK samples give run-time error 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1544 Inbound rules being fired on name property update 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1514 Action-services-context.xml bypasses chaining authentication 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1152 Guest user should be able to log in with any password 2.0 2.1.0E
AR-1636 Mishandling of Excel 2007 files 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1620 java -jar alfresco-mmt-2.1.0R1.jar broke on MacOSX 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1572 Export of folder with ML content will re-import but give error on browse 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1519 Duplicate entry in archive store 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1517 Group members not tokenised correctory 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1511 Subcategory names should be unique within a category 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1506 Double-versioning of new content 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1421 Can't add values to multi-valued properties in Javascript as arrays 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
AR-1171 getTargetAssocs is not returning any 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

Web Content Management

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in both 2.1.0 Community and 2.1.0 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

WCM-2 AVM allows snapshots even when nothing has changed since last snapshot 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-130 CIFS is allowing a '+' character through to the AVM 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-523 Bulk import into AVM web project is too slow 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

  Virt Server
WCM-400 WCM Acegi virtualization issue 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-491 Wrong limits for DNS name 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-494 Support for Spring-based web apps 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-530 Virtualization server not handling '+' properly in URLs 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-679 Spelling error in alfrescoCacheControlFilter in web.xml 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-750 Virtualization server needs to wait for authenticationServer to start-up 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-751 Incorrect error notification on trying to create two web projects with same DNS name 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-768 Create web app dialog fails to tell virt server about non-ROOT webapps 2.0 2.1.0E

  Web Forms
WCM-391 Error on Create Web Form Wizard --> Configure workflow 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-427 parseXMLDocument can't be given an XML filepath with spaces 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-404 Web Forms exceptions are aren't very helpful 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-469 Deleting a rendition causes updates to fail 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-474 Repeating elements in schema not showing up in web form 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-508 Repeats not appearing for certain schemas with maxOccurs='unbounded' 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-511 File picker dialog default location not behaving nicely 2.0.1E 2.1.0 Community
WCM-512 TinyMCE corrupts anchor links 2.0.1E 2.1.0 Community
WCM-242 Loading new XSD does not replace elements from previous XSD 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-317 Template output path cannot reference form properties when using namespace 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-364 Create Web Content Wizard does not work with port forwarding 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-392 Change a Web Form name causes exceptions 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-563 Unknown hosts causes validation errors 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-634 Cookies not constructed with port number, causing errors in validation logic 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-643 Auto-created folders not marked as submitted 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-645 Error msgs in web form after adding new element 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-777 Pattern-based restrictions not being enforced 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-468 Remove button doesn't work when adding template to Web Form 2.0.1E 2.1.0E
WCM-471 TinyMCE File Picker does not work in IE7 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-520 Unhandled error when root element of form is a complex type with inherited types 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-656 IE6 crashes with TinyMCE File Picker 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-696 Incorrect widget being used for element that has type with restriction of xs:anyURI 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-719 IE7 throws XMLHttpTransport error 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

  Web Project
WCM-288 Name field really description, description discarded 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-357 Error when editing name of space with accented characters 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-509 Error inviting users with '@' in name 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-636 Clicking 'OK' twice during delete of web project throws exception 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-772 ConcurrentModificationException when deleting sandbox 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-788 AVM Exception when deleting sandbox 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

WCM-162 Reviewer roles can edit files after submit to staging 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-321 Need to denote required fields in Submit Dialog 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-446 WCM assets with workflow attached can be reverted using Revert Selected 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-497 Deleted items are not shown as such in task dialog 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-525 InvalidNodeRefExpception when viewing deleted workflow 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-546 Workflow history should be expanded by default 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-576 Can edit file from sandbox view if file is in workflow 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-578 Web Form workflow not respected when directories auto-generated 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-579 Cannot see generated content in review if directories auto-created 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-627 Workflow directory submit error 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-693 Cannot submit a deleted directory if no associated workflow 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-707 Submit dialog shows option to set launch date when no associated workflow 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-720 Only Revert icon shows in workflow task 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-799 Incorrect WCM workflow payload 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

  Asset Mgmt
WCM-453 Need better error when doc name already in use 2.0 2.1.0 Community
WCM-559 Copying XML between sites 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-612 Title and  desc of AVM node cannot be set 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-746 Unable to rename or change folder properties on newly created folder 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-747 Unable to edit properties on files 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-753 AVM doesn't specify property type for multi-valued aspects 2.0 2.1.0E
WCM-513 Property type not recognized 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-731 Stack trace when trying to edit item locked by another user 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-735 Delete not working from Browse Website 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-742 Locked items in --summary sandboxes not editable in user sandboxes 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

WCM-495 Unable to redeploy web project 2.0.1E 2.1.0 Community
WCM-692 Copying XML between sites 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

  Doc Publishing
WCM-792 Copy to Web Project throws NullPointerException when used by inbound rule 2.0.1E 2.1.0E
WCM-794 Exception if content already exists in web project 2.0.1E 2.1.0E

WCM-728 AVM full index recovery takes too long 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

      Launch / Expiry
WCM-498 Deleted expired items not displayed as such in submit dialog 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

      Links Mgmt
WCM-531 Link checker report not counting # broken links correctly 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-537 Initial links check at submit returns incorrect results 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-595 Error kicking off links checker on submit 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-610 No exception thrown when no underlying data for links check 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-621 Not possible for reviewer to check links themselves 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E
WCM-669 Links mgmt thread not cleaned up on tomcat shutdown 2.1.0 Community 2.1.0E

Upgrading from Previous Releases

It is very important to read the upgrade steps if you already have Alfresco installed.  You should also ensure you have a full backup of your data (see upgrade details).

  • Additional instructions for Upgrading to version 2.1.

Important Notes

  • There are changes to the database schema
  • The 2.1 Community Release distribution requires an additional library when activating clustering (bug AR-1614).  The appropriate version of the JSR 166 Backport must be dropped into your app server.  A fix will be provided in time for the 2.1.0 Enterprise Release.
  • The final 2.1 community is revision 929 on the public SVN.

Release Notes
2.x Releases