Release 2.2 SP1

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Release 2.2 SP1

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Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2 SP1 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier release, Alfresco 2.2, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Enterprise Content Management

ETWOTWO-25 FTP uploads results in incorrect filetime
ETWOTWO-32 It should not be possible to set the index back up directory to the repository root - or anyting above it(the back up will try and delete it!)
ETWOTWO-70 FSR depmetadata directory is created in the wrong location
ETWOTWO-72 FSR deploy_start.bat non-functional due to mixed up line endings
ETWOTWO-181 Deletion of checked out document
ETWOTWO-302 Alphabetise advanced workflow names
ETWOTWO-345 Unable to deploy License into Weblogic 10 for Alfresco 2.2
ETWOTWO-426 Upgrading alfresco from 2.1.1 to 2.2 throws errors with Mysql 5.0.51
ETWOTWO-433 NTLM in 2.2 throws a Non-serializable attribute error
ETWOTWO-434 AVM permissoins - removal of a permission will also remove any inherited matching permissions
ETWOTWO-437 FSR should allow for setting the service port
ETWOTWO-438 when a parent folder has the versionable aspect and no inherit, if a user is invited to a subfolder he can not add content
ETWOTWO-439 Incorporate changes to AVM console from Will
ETWOTWO-440 Error : 500: Failed to execute method NodeInfoBean.sendNodeInfo: Exception in Transaction (when clicking info icon on the doc)
ETWOTWO-446 Error message appears on servers B and C when trying to 'Abort the review' of recently rejected task
ETWOTWO-474 Improvements to Deploy Snapshot page
ETWOTWO-491 Build script for distribute-bm-remote references old ehcache jar
ETWOTWO-503 WCM File locking not working properly
ETWOTWO-518 Web projects built from template does not set permissions correctly
ETWOTWO-539 ContentUtils.putContent is not working with .txt or .java files
ETWOTWO-542 Ability to set additional config parameters for in Web Project Wizard for in-context preview
ETWOTWO-548 Repository will not start in read only mode.
ETWOTWO-560 AVM Console - history command shows same details (version, owner, mod time) for each version
ETWOTWO-561 Issues with ACL upgrade script
ETWOTWO-570 RetryingTransactionAdvice needs to use RetryingTransactionHelper
ETWOTWO-571 WCM web client - 'browse website' may cause Alfresco to hang
ETWOTWO-572 Allow OpenOffice to be called remotely
ETWOTWO-599 File Deployment Receiver needs to have additional logging available
ETWOTWO-600 System error happens on Summary page of Create Web Form Wizard
ETWOTWO-601 System error happens on Summary page of Web Project Wizard
ETWOTWO-602 Impossible to open Web Project
ETWOTWO-617 System error happens on Manage Multilingual content page
ETWOTWO-621 Test in VirtualisationServerPreviewURIService.getPreviewURI for path is almost always wrong
ETWOTWO-640 Cannot login through FTP
ETWOTWO-657 user input not correctly cleaned/sanitized, possible XSS hole
ETWOTWO-675 WCM content edits broken in Oracle
ETWOTWO-686 upgrading from version 2.0.* to 2.2 fails for oracle database
ETWOTWO-688 Node Path.Element strings are returned with numerical ordering suffix

Release Notes
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