Release 2.2 SP2

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Release 2.2 SP2

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Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2 SP2 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier release, Alfresco 2.2 SP1, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Enterprise Content Management

   ETWOTWO-493 Upgrade to 2.2 failed
   ETWOTWO-504 WCM Tutorial rendention shows corrupted characters only during preview
   ETWOTWO-520 Need breather bar for submit dialog
   ETWOTWO-569 deleted content is never moved to contentstore.deleted
   ETWOTWO-597 LDAP group synchronization fails on very large groups 15000+ users with 'Data too long for column 'serializable_value''
   ETWOTWO-578 RepositoryWebService fetchMore() does not fetch last node
   ETWOTWO-652 Issue with authenticate when webscript is running.
   ETWOTWO-698 Approving site submission after launch date throws error
   ETWOTWO-705 AVM permission patch fails with NPE if there is no www folder in a WCM store (as would be expected)
   ETWOTWO-729 SetMultylingualproperty error
   ETWOTWO-733 CheckOutCheckInService.getWorkingCopy(NodeRef) returns nodes that were copied from the source node but which are not working copies
   ETWOTWO-740 MLText: when only one translation is defined, the user defined locale (i.e. German) is not stored in the database and the futur calls of this property will use the default locale (i.e. English).
   ETWOTWO-743 Submission Pending task stays in My Tasks To Do post content launch time and submission
   ETWOTWO-747 java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: 'QNAME_ID': invalid identifier
   ETWOTWO-748 Unable to delete - Error: Failed to delete User due to error: could not delete
   ETWOTWO-749 Fix tidy up of unused ACE entries when authorities are deleted
   ETWOTWO-752 Expired content task shows all items in the web project
   ETWOTWO-753 Permission checks in RunAs use the real user's groups and not the effective user's group
   ETWOTWO-757 Administration Console throws exception when using Swedish language pack
   ETWOTWO-774 CreateVersionTxnListener.afterCommit() throws NPE
   ETWOTWO-777 Modified items list not showing correct contents about bulk import in WCM sandbox
   ETWOTWO-801 AVM has concurrency limitations via CIFS/NFS/FTP as creates and deletes all set the mod time on the directory
   ETWOTWO-805 The 'System' user should not be able to create or validate a ticket
   ETWOTWO-817 WCM: Content Managers unable to revert snapshot
   ETWOTWO-911 Invalid actual_type_n ordinal number after upgrade from 2.1 Community
   ETWOTWO-920 It is impossible to edit a webform containing a date
   ETWOTWO-422 Network infrastructure has problems with Java Memory Model
   ETWOTWO-392 Error when restarting server in cluster
   ETWOTWO-541 FSR should write all exceptions to local log file
   ETWOTWO-660 User with Coordinator role for Web Project Space can't add users to Web Project he creates
   ETWOTWO-397 CDATA tags not working in 2.1 ldap properties files
   ETWOTWO-594 Explicitly close BufferedInputStream in

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