Release 2.2 SP8

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Release 2.2 SP8

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Release Notes
2.x Releases

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed in 2.2 SP8 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Release notes for Alfresco's earlier release, Alfresco 2.2 SP7, can be found here or from our Enterprise Plan of Record.

Bug List

ALF-1976 setting uuidBinding as REPLACE_EXISTING doesn't replace an existing node if uuid is not specified
ALF-2011 Audit doesn't take into account CIFS authentication
ALF-2012 ORA-01795 (maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000) appears on attempt to create new user
ALF-2360 CLONE: It is impossible to change number of maxUsers logins in Alfresco (Kerberos + Alfresco)
ALF-2361 CLONE: It's impossible to get the login history for a given user (Audit)
ALF-2648 Accent insensitive indexation is not done properly in French
ALF-1358 Deleting space with "execute a script" rule fails
ALF-1359 Error appears when creating Advanced Workflow with long description
ALF-1362 UnknownAuthorityException when viewing/editing/deleting a user group with html entities in it's name
ALF-1783 Space visible in tree (and node browser) but not in parent space
ALF-1788 Renamed Category not usable in Query
ALF-1789 org.alfresco.webservice.repository.RepositoryServiceSoapBindingStub.query(Store, Query, boolean) doesn't take locale into account
ALF-1801 Empty category array throws NPE
ALF-1806 Email with certain chars in subject fails
ALF-1807 Support LDAP users changing thier own passwords
ALF-1814 Freemarker include directive not working
ALF-1825 Expiration task does not remove expired item from staging - instead locks it down on staging
ALF-1830 Manage Task UI for Pooled Tasks: don't show Reject/Accept if user hasn't taken ownership
ALF-1841 Regression: readOnly settings do not work in 2.2 causing bootstrap to fail
ALF-1847 "Return to application" link changes the UI to English
ALF-1860 Make CIFS authentication auditing possible
ALF-1863 AdvancedSearch does not work whit custom type of type d:int with a constraint of type LIST
ALF-1880 Simple rule not applied to filename starting with "~" (Tilde) character
ALF-1887 too easy to break alfresco - one can remove the guest user and recreate it but then access to RSS is broken
ALF-1888 When a document A has an association with a document B editing A fails if user has not the permission to edit B even if he has the permission to edit A
ALF-1890 concurrent writes to webdav lead to data loss (0kb resulting file)
ALF-1982 Sorting problem for boolean type property in browse view (JSF)
ALF-2012 ORA-01795 (maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000) appears on attempt to create new user
ALF-2076 AUTO does not work if a document has been added and deleted since the index backup
ALF-2628 Oracle 10g specific: schema update failure during upgrade from 2.1.7 to 2.2.7 with generated upgrade data
ALF-2814 WCM - Recursion detector erroring
ALF-1932 Deleting space with "execute a script" rule fails: Unit Test