Release 3.1 SP2

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Release 3.1 SP2

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3.x Releases
Release Notes
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The following notes discuss the release information for Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.1 SP2


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.1, refer to the Alfresco Administering a Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco Network.


For this release, the Alfresco Share client requires Flash Player Version 9.0.45 or above to upload files and viewing Flash previews.

  • You can download Flash Player v9 from the Adobe site here:

  • The Uninstaller for Flash can be found on the Adobe site here:

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

Major Fixed Bugs

  • ETHREEOH-3340 : WCM - Revert to snapshot failure
  • ETHREEOH-3271 : W3C : It's impossible to get access to Select collapsed menu on Document Library page using keyboard
  • ETHREEOH-3269 : W3C : Impossible to collapse Selected Items menu after is was expanded using keyboard
  • ETHREEOH-3268 : External (not domain) user can't login to Share
  • ETHREEOH-3262 : W3C: It's impossible to Create link using keyboard
  • ETHREEOH-3257 : Event becomes All day again after editing it to not All day
  • ETHREEOH-3236 : It is impossible to change start location, everything is reverted to My Alfresco
  • ETHREEOH-3225 : CIFS + Kerberos : Windows 2008, Vista and 7 clients cannot login
  • ETHREEOH-3223 : Specific instructions are required to configure Kerberos authentication on JBoss 5
  • ETHREEOH-3221 : It is impossible to change password on controlRole/MonitorRole user in JMX
  • ETHREEOH-3220 : Regression: CIFS uses 100% of CPU
  • ETHREEOH-3219 : Alfresco MBeans are not accessoble through the JMX
  • ETHREEOH-3213 : Error occurs if you try to Configure of Site Wiki dashlet if wiki page name contains russian letters
  • ETHREEOH-3208 : User profiles for users authenticated externally should be read only
  • ETHREEOH-3194 : It's impossible to find Blogs and Discussions by title
  • ETHREEOH-3187 : Creating Web Content based on Web Form with most elements-read-only/default failed
  • ETHREEOH-3186 : Creating Web Content based on Web Form with Date or dateTime element failed
  • ETHREEOH-3180 : Error appears when trying to search resources on Manage Task page
  • ETHREEOH-3177 : Invitation the user who have joined the site failed
  • ETHREEOH-3170 : DB errors on MSSQL with Snapshot Isolation enabled while CIFS copying
  • ETHREEOH-3158 : It is impossible to change number of maxUsers logins in Alfresco (Kerberos + Alfresco)
  • ETHREEOH-3157 : It's possible to create empty comment with spaces on Blog page
  • ETHREEOH-3154 : Script error when creating a topic with special symbols in the fields on Discussions
  • ETHREEOH-3151 : Deleting tags from wiki page doesn't work properly
  • ETHREEOH-3150 : Tag counter doesn't increase after editing wiki page
  • ETHREEOH-3149 : W3C : Script error occurs on MyDashboard page after pressing Enter on collapsed menu benearth Site link
  • ETHREEOH-3148 : CLONE -Adding a tag containing wildcards to all types of content works incorrectly
  • ETHREEOH-3145 : W3C : Impossible to configure wiki page on wiki dashlet using keyboard
  • ETHREEOH-3141 : W3C : It's impossible to set curcor on Version link on Document details page
  • ETHREEOH-3137 : Tags created for All day event are not displayed in Tags pane.
  • ETHREEOH-3128 : After canceling site creation fields aren't cleared
  • ETHREEOH-3124 : Error occurs on clicking Day button.
  • ETHREEOH-3122 : Paging buttons are not work on Link list page
  • ETHREEOH-3121 : After drag-&-drop action the event's date is changed to 1 January 1970
  • ETHREEOH-3116 : Failure to invite in a user if the site url matches another site where the user already is
  • ETHREEOH-3112 : Issue for adding / deleting non-English files
  • ETHREEOH-3111 : Error occurs when trying to click 'Manage Task' action in 'My Tasks To Do' dashlet
  • ETHREEOH-3110 : Error page if Add broken number by create(edit) ASR or FSR
  • ETHREEOH-3106 : Fileds aren't cleared after editing profile was canceled.
  • ETHREEOH-3105 : Error occurs when user add tag containing disallowed symbols.
  • ETHREEOH-3092 : It is possible to create users with identical usernames (Authentication issue)
  • ETHREEOH-3091 : Unfriendly system error occurs when trying to create user with too long username
  • ETHREEOH-3088 : Cut/Paste into self causes stack overflow
  • ETHREEOH-3080 : There is no sites in AVM folder via CIFS and via FTP (Kerberos)
  • ETHREEOH-3079 : System error occurs after user click View in WebDAV link (Kerberos authentification).
  • ETHREEOH-3077 : Empty 'Title' can be saved -Create Web Project wizard -step 4
  • ETHREEOH-3076 : Unfriendly error appears at the Advanced search page when clicking 'Ok' button not selecting a category
  • ETHREEOH-3075 : Encoding field is displayed as empty on Versioned details page.
  • ETHREEOH-3053 : Deployment of non-stale file in a stale layered folder removes the file from FSR
  • ETHREEOH-3050 : CLONE -PostgreSQL: Schema auto-update failed (upgrade script needs to be executed manually)
  • ETHREEOH-3047 : RSS Dashlet Issues
  • ETHREEOH-3011 : Kerberos: need to improve documentation
  • ETHREEOH-2995 : Inconsistences in the DB settings
  • ETHREEOH-2992 : W3C: It's impossible to Create link on Site link dashlet using keyboard
  • ETHREEOH-2991 : Deployment exception, unable to deploy - when deploying a manual snapshot with a stale file
  • ETHREEOH-2893 : 'Target folder for 'test' is deleted.' when trying to access an ex-Layered Folder
  • ETHREEOH-2888 : Incorrect system behavior on creating group with XSS in ASCII code and actions with it.
  • ETHREEOH-2884 : Language icon near the content is displayed as 'NULL'. User can't change any language.
  • ETHREEOH-2877 : modelSchema.xsd is out of date
  • ETHREEOH-2868 : REGRESSION: Can't submit removal of layered file / stale layered file from sandbox to staging
  • ETHREEOH-2846 : All webscripts from a classpath store go missing with no reported errors if there are any problems recursing subdirectories
  • ETHREEOH-2829 : WCM - stale layered file cannot be deleted/submitted (Unbacked layered file node)
  • ETHREEOH-2797 : a new user is created at each ldap sync when some properties are missing in the ldap record - quadruple users on oracle
  • ETHREEOH-2769 : Home Folder Filesystem doesn't configure
  • ETHREEOH-2723 : Script error appears when trying to edit Home Space Name for user
  • ETHREEOH-2720 : Category created on server_A is not shown on server_B
  • ETHREEOH-2712 : Web View cannot link to HTTPS page
  • ETHREEOH-2707 : patch.customMessages patch is failing on upgrade from 2.1 sp 7
  • ETHREEOH-2702 : Incorrect displaying of Add User page in IE7
  • ETHREEOH-2700 : CLONE -Space character at the end of the Name in the creation of a space causes error: ' ' is an invalid character
  • ETHREEOH-2698 : CLONE -Enterprise 3.x / Searching with Speech Marks ('') for a User ID causes an Error
  • ETHREEOH-2687 : Incorrect displaying of Step One - Invite Content Users Wizard in IE7
  • ETHREEOH-2663 : Unfriendly system error occurs when trying to create user with too long username
  • ETHREEOH-2657 : Performance: slow answers to directory listings (readdir) in CIFS causes catastrophic effects like bringing the server (almost) down or having the client lose the connection
  • ETHREEOH-2642 : Slingshot's 'copy-to' action does not return valid NodeRef
  • ETHREEOH-2629 : Creation some content with wildcards in the fields works incorrectly
  • ETHREEOH-2561 : Alert appears when trying to configure a site's or user web view with XSS Link Title
  • ETHREEOH-2475 : Duplicate user handling in PersonService.afterCommit() doesn't work
  • ETHREEOH-2370 : Unable to set a number of threads in the Deployment
  • ETHREEOH-2292 : Deployment failure in case of IPv6 on Win 2k8
  • ETHREEOH-2218 : Upgarde fails when deploying 3.1
  • ETHREEOH-2064 : NodeService properties don't support collections of collections for d:any
  • ETHREEOH-1930 : It is possible to add event where start time is later then end time in Calendar
  • ETHREEOH-1895 : Performing 'Done Editing' action simultaneously leads to NPE
  • ETHREEOH-1802 : No notification is shown about exceeded quota and the document starts uploading
  • ETHREEOH-1676 : Unclear notification about exceeded quota in Share
  • ETHREEOH-1615 : TinyMCE fails to load for unsupported languages.
  • ETHREEOH-1211 : Can't See Images in TinyMCE
  • ETHREEOH-605 : When creating two events for 1 day only one of events is displayed on Day and Week pages
  • ETHREEOH-124 : It is possible to change password for any user on one that consists of 1 symbol or more than 32 symbols
  • ETHREEOH-110 : It is impossible to browse events by tags