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Release 3.1

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Release Notes
3.x Releases
The following notes provide detailed information on the Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.1 release. For summary information, see Alfresco Enterprise 3.1.

New and Enhanced Features

This release includes many new features, enhancements and fixes to the Repository, Alfresco Explorer web client and Alfresco Share web application.

Alfresco Explorer (formerly Alfresco Web Client) Enhancements

  • Rules and Actions:
    • Composite Conditions - mix AND/OR operators in rule conditions
    • Trigger rules based on property values
  • Automatic user interface language selection based on browser locale

Share Enhancements

See full list of Share features

  • Updated rich-text editor providing improved performance and reliability
  • Wiki editor includes enhanced rich text formatting, drag resizing of editor and full screen mode
  • Significantly improved Flash document previewer including zoom, auto fit page/width, thumbnails and full screen view to allow easy viewing and reading of content without requiring any download
  • Favorite Sites - Sites can be added to a personal list of favorite sites to allow quick access
  • Simple On-line Edit for MS Office Documents
  • New calendar including drag n' drop event updates, overlapping event support
  • New Links component for capturing links to URLs

Repository Enhancements

  • Administration Group - New 'Administrators' system group; membership of the administrators group defines repository administrators
  • Updated SharePoint Protocol Support including support for Links
  • WCM Services - RESTful API for WCM services to support custom WCM application development
  • CMIS - Enhanced support for Web Services Binding

Enterprise Enhancements

  • Major enhancements to JMX based System Monitoring providing access to a comprehensive collection of server metrics
    • Metrics include: Database, Authority and Authentication, Connection Pools, Content Stores, Transformers, Licensing, Lucene Indexes, Modules, Patches, Jobs, System Properties
    • Editable properties via JMX include: File Server Configuration, Logging, User Sessions
    • Plug-in for Hyperic Systems Monitoring and Management providing auto discovery of Alfresco services
  • Unicast clustering providing flexible cluster configuration based on TCP. Simplifies cluster set-up and entry/exit of servers into and out of a cluster
  • Server configuration via Java command line arguments


Alfresco Enterprise 3.1 can be downloaded from the Alfresco customer and partner repository or from the new Alfresco Enterprise Network service for services and support.

A 30-day trial is also available via an Enterprise 3.1 Trial. This gives you the ability to try out a fully featured version of Alfresco Enterprise Edition and the Alfresco Enterprise Network within your own infrastructure for thirty days.


For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.1, refer to the Administering an Alfresco ECM Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco customer and partner repository.


For this release, the Alfresco Share client requires a minimum of Flash Player Version 9.0.45 to upload files and view Flash previews.

  • The uninstaller for Flash can be found on the Adobe site here:

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

  • Only en, de, fr, es, it and jp language packs for TinyMCE are provided.  If a user's language setting is any other than these, then the HTML editor will not be displayed in Share or Explorer.  Instructions are provided on how to add new TinyMCE language packs
  • Kerberos is not supported in the Share application
  • Multiple instances of Alfresco in a single Oracle instance is supported, but requires some manual schema operations
  • Enabling quotas on an existing repository takes considerable time and should only be enabled after upgrading to at least 3.0.0 (due to costly interaction with other data upgrades)
  • Tomcat does not always close down completely, but can be safely terminated
  • Source code for Share and Surf is not in the SDK, but is available from SVN
  • Using the Share RSS Feed Dashlet to read RSS feeds from other Share sites is unsupported
  • The Web View dashlet exhibits undesired behaviour when showing a Flash heavy site in IE7, when either the Web View or RSS dashlets 'configure' screens are shown. Believed to be a Flash / IE7 issue (not exhibited in other browsers)
  • Offline synchronization is currently not supported on MS Vista

Major Fixed Bugs

Below please find a list of major issues fixed since 3.0 SP1 Enterprise. For a full list of
closed / fixed issues, please see JIRA issue tracking system.

Key Summary Priority
ETHREEOH-1540 DM version store migration - Unable to check in Content Node due to system error:The current implementation of the version service does not support the creation of branches. Blocker
ETHREEOH-1313 System Property Overrides not working when using the installer Blocker
ETHREEOH-1308 Update AMPs to indicate unsupported status Blocker
ETHREEOH-1303 Calendar only shows events for currently logged-on user Blocker
ETHREEOH-1221 Hard-coded use of 'admin' username Blocker
ETHREEOH-1157 JSF Dialogs Absorbing Exceptions Blocker
ETHREEOH-1141 Making a Site a favourite causes Share to stop responding in a timely manner. Blocker
ETHREEOH-1101 org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError - TypeError: Cannot parse XML - when trying to view site members where username is like Blocker
ETHREEOH-1517 not closing ResultSet objects Critical
ETHREEOH-1512 CLONE -Upgrade from 2.1.2a to 3.1 fails with Error: Unknown column 'recipient' in 'alf_authority' Critical
ETHREEOH-1489 Merge of CHK-5592 for web service result size Critical
ETHREEOH-1475 Upgrade from 2.1.2a to 3.0 fails with Error: Unknown column 'recipient' in 'alf_authority' Critical
ETHREEOH-1472 Changes to systemBootstrap - making it a singleton - cause bootstrapping ACP's not to work Critical
ETHREEOH-1459 New offline check in/out is broken Critical
ETHREEOH-1444 Ability to run Alfresco from unexploded .war file with embedded license Critical
ETHREEOH-1437 Container creation induces an unexpected permission allocation in Share Critical
ETHREEOH-1435 Share doesn't extract document metadata correctly Critical
ETHREEOH-1415 Hibernate classloading bug appears in Liferay Critical
ETHREEOH-1377 alfresco-jlan-embed.jar to be included in the SDK for 3.1 drops Critical
ETHREEOH-1351 Schemas containing an enumeration with an empty string as one of the values prevents forms from rendering correctly Critical
ETHREEOH-1294 Edit comment function does not work on Links page Critical
ETHREEOH-1292 WCM Content Contributor can't revert/delete changes in their own sandbox Critical
ETHREEOH-1277 MT is not picking up custom Critical
ETHREEOH-1239 User needs to have owner on their person Critical
ETHREEOH-1206 Throwing Alfresco Exception on OnUpdateProperties behaviour resets Encoding field to Big (first entry) Critical
ETHREEOH-1196 User can see all sites, 'URL' name of which begins with the same symbols Critical
ETHREEOH-1183 Incorrect mime type for Share Wiki pages Critical
ETHREEOH-1175 Site Members page fetches all site members Critical
ETHREEOH-1170 Need to test Liferay portlets for 3.x Critical
ETHREEOH-1169 Site Profile Dashlet does a full member list when obtaining site managers Critical
ETHREEOH-1105 Share cannot be used as application on Jboss and Weblogic Critical
ETHREEOH-1081 Unable to revert previous version of Wiki Page Critical
ETHREEOH-971 CIFS + Inline edit not working Critical
ETHREEOH-965 Share and Guest user - Status 500 - Internal Error Critical
ETHREEOH-483 Unable to upload files [with Flash 10 installed] Critical
ETHREEOH-449 Attempt renaming the same site's blog by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-115 Attempt to rename the same wiki page in the same site's wiki by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-113 Attempt to save changes have been done for the same page in the same site's wiki by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-82 Attempt to create wiki page with the same name in the same site's wiki by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-24 Attempt to comment the same blog post by many users (20 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-23 LockAcquisitionException Critical
ETHREEOH-19 Attempt save changes made via editing the same blog post by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Critical
ETHREEOH-1458 Multi Tenancy user cannot manage deleted items Major
ETHREEOH-1457 Multi Tenancy enabled - Check in / Check out issue Major
ETHREEOH-1376 Set Value of MaxUsers mode for Alfresco from JMX doesn't work Major
ETHREEOH-1375 Set singleUserOnly mode for Alfresco from JMX doesn't work Major
ETHREEOH-1366 Flash preview Zoom/size/fullscreen/navigation buttons need to be I18Ned Major
ETHREEOH-1360 Links don't show up in the Search Results page Major
ETHREEOH-1343 Share Calendar inline 'add' button should be an icon Major
ETHREEOH-1338 Dates displayed in the User Calendar are shown in XML date format - should be formatted for presentation Major
ETHREEOH-1318 Creating a site with the same name as one that already exists, but with a different URL gives nasty error Major
ETHREEOH-1299 LDAP Auth with CIFS not working Major
ETHREEOH-1270 Generating many Share sites (say 100's) causes 100's*N new GROUP objects to be created - they should be filtered from group pickers in JSF client lists Major
ETHREEOH-1241 Share logins are not audited Major
ETHREEOH-1238 Cannot use Jsp:include feature in XSD - 'Store not found' exception Major
ETHREEOH-1235 Share wiki: Modification controls (Delete, Rename, Edit Page, etc.) should be disabled or hidden if user doesn't have write permission for the page Major
ETHREEOH-1234 If the customised dashboard fails, Webscript dashlets are never returned correctly Major
ETHREEOH-1231 org.alfresco.web.scripts.WebScriptException - Web Script format 'uk' is not registered Major
ETHREEOH-1226 MySQL configuration Major
ETHREEOH-1223 Share Calendar: Week view incorrectly displays items scheduled between 08:00 and 09:59 Major
ETHREEOH-1220 Update LDAP-authentication-context to include allowGetEnabled entry to support Share Major
ETHREEOH-1215 Site Calendar does not show events Major
ETHREEOH-1207 Incorrect working 'MY Web Files' component on My Alfresco Dashboard page Major
ETHREEOH-1202 WCM services - access to other author sandboxes is not currently restricted for non-content managers Major
ETHREEOH-1200 user authenticated using ldap can not update their profile in share. Major
ETHREEOH-1197 Title of docs in russian language displays incorrectly at 'Site Activities' and 'My Site Activities' dashlets Major
ETHREEOH-1195 Web View dashlet causes XHTML page validation errors Major
ETHREEOH-1187 IE: 'Next' Button disabled, even when a script is selected Major
ETHREEOH-1181 NTLM authentication periodically fails over CIFS - 'Read-Write transaction started within read-only transaction' Major
ETHREEOH-1179 Customise Dashboard never returns in large user/site repository Major
ETHREEOH-1174 Change Add Dashlets -Link dashlet naming Major
ETHREEOH-1172 nodeService.getProperties sometimes returning instance of 'Collections.SingletonList' for multivalue properties Major
ETHREEOH-1162 Issue with skipCount parameter for CMIS query service Major
ETHREEOH-1160 Favourite Sites - Favourite is spelled incorrectly Major
ETHREEOH-1159 Unexpected behaviour when user with already exist username creating Major
ETHREEOH-1133 Incorrect Blog page title Major
ETHREEOH-1115 Attempting to create a shared workspace using a document with a - in the name fails Major
ETHREEOH-1110 Impossible to open 'Manage Multilingual Content' page when 'New Edition' action was taken Major
ETHREEOH-1095 Update the Readmes for Service Pack 1 Major
ETHREEOH-1088 CIFS - Failed to open passthru auth session Major
ETHREEOH-1072 Attempt to save changes have been done for wiki-pages in different sites by several users (10 or more) simultaneously leads to DB update error appearance Major
ETHREEOH-1065 Nothing is displayed on My Site Activities dashlet on My Dashboard page Major
ETHREEOH-1064 Wiki: web script error appears on attempt to open Main Page in any site's wiki Major
ETHREEOH-1049 Notification about Blog post deleting doesn't appear on Site Activities dashlet Major
ETHREEOH-1007 'Cancel file Editing' option is not working after new version of working copy was uploaded Major
ETHREEOH-999 Audit fails in cluster env with external auth. Major
ETHREEOH-996 Couldn't delete space after 'Start Discussion' action has been canceled Major
ETHREEOH-994 Incorrect work when we try to open document by cliking on its version number on View Details tab(Microsoft Office Add-in) Major
ETHREEOH-981 It is impossible to convert GIF images(FF2) Major
ETHREEOH-911 TinyMCE Data truncates in FireFox Major
ETHREEOH-900 Upgrade tinyMCE to support Safari Major
ETHREEOH-885 mapAuthorityToName tests don't handle sub-classed objects correctly. Major
ETHREEOH-835 Paste of text into an empty Comment component and the Create Comment button stays in a disabled state Major
ETHREEOH-821 SDK AlfrescoEmbedded' project 3.0 SDK, missing jar files : json.jar - ibatis- , jlan.jar Major
ETHREEOH-819 WAR distribution: commons-el.jar needs to be in tomcat/lib Major
ETHREEOH-814 LDAP synchronization doesn't support native character Major
ETHREEOH-741 User with consumer role able to delete wiki page created by other users Major
ETHREEOH-680 Bootstrapping multiple Alfresco fails on Oracle Major
ETHREEOH-678 Command line setting of properties doesn't work Major
ETHREEOH-667 Consumers should not be able to create/update wiki pages Major
ETHREEOH-666 Consumers should not be able to create calendar entries Major
ETHREEOH-649 Alert appears when trying to create an event with XSS 'What' field Major
ETHREEOH-636 Incorrect tag working at 'Discussions' page when trying to add topic that contains tags with XSS text Major
ETHREEOH-566 Attempt to rename DIFFERENT pages in the same site's wiki by several users (10 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for part of them Major
ETHREEOH-561 Attempt to save changes have been done for the DIFFERENT pages in the same site's wiki by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for part of them Major
ETHREEOH-537 Attempt to create wiki-pages with different names in the same site's wiki by many users (10 or more) simultaneously leads to error appearance for some of them Major
ETHREEOH-514 Unable to save changes to calendar entry where the time is 'All Day' Major
ETHREEOH-415 bad rendered for the 'new-edition-from' action Major
ETHREEOH-411 JMX access is open by default Major
ETHREEOH-386 Error closing Manage Multilingual Content page after new edition added. Major
ETHREEOH-282 Cannot install on Weblogic Major
ETHREEOH-272 It is possible to specify path to content which does not exist Major
ETHREEOH-176 Alfresco application fails to deploy if any session data is stored in app server temp dir Major
ETHREEOH-154 Incorrect display of events at 'Calendar' page Major
ETHREEOH-101 Incorrect display of events on 'Day' tab at 'Calendar' page Major
ETHREEOH-80 Nothing is displayed on My Activities dashlet on User Dashboard page Major
ETHREEOH-37 HTTP session serializes beans Major
ETHREEOH-10 RSS cleanup/redo to be coherent with other rss feeds Major
ETHREEOH-1287 AlfrescoJobExecutorThread doesn't check read-only status of repo Minor
ETHREEOH-1124 When using 'url.context' in a web script JS or FTL in a web app that has been set as the default webapp on tomcat 5.5, url.context returns '/service' and not '' or '/' as the context. Minor
ETHREEOH-991 Window without scroll bars is opened when we click 'Manage' button on 'Task details' screen(Microsoft Office Add-in) Minor
ETHREEOH-988 Incorrect work of Search Alfresco tab(Microsoft Office Add-in) Minor
ETHREEOH-743 Script error on the add content to my sandbox page in IE7 Minor
ETHREEOH-572 Attempt to leave the same site by several users (2 or more) simultaneously leads to StaleObjectStateException appearance in alfresco.log Minor
ETHREEOH-516 Incorrect work of Paste all action on Forum space page Minor
ETHREEOH-509 Incorrect behaviour of application when trying to upload something with incorrect location to 'My Spaces List' Minor
ETHREEOH-102 Thumbnail service doesn't support animated GIFs and no placeholder returned Minor
ETHREEOH-77 No notification is displayed when trying to create wiki page with the name that already exists Minor
ETHREEOH-55 Incorrect displaying of event's name if is too long Minor
ETHREEOH-1010 IE window was not closed when we click 'Save Changes' button on 'Manage Task' page(Office Add-in) Trivial
ETHREEOH-671 Incorrect Create Wiki Page layout Trivial
ETHREEOH-271 It is impossible to enter file name in 'Upload' field for 'My Spaces List' component Trivial