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Release 3.2 SP2

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3.x Releases
This release rolls up a number of maintenance fixes to the Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2 and 3.2r releases.


Please back up your database and content store before attempting to upgrade from a previous release.

For instructions on how to install Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 SP2, refer to the Alfresco Administering a Production Environment guide, available via the Alfresco Network.


This release requires the jTDS driver version 1.2.5 for compatibility with SQL Server, unlike version 3.2 Enterprise, which was certified with the Microsoft driver. We plan to certify future versions with jTDS.

Updated installation instructions are in the sample and on the Wiki

Xalan is now required to be configured as the standard JAXP transformer on Websphere 7. See the following additional installation instruction

Known Issues

The following known issues are associated with this release:

JBPM Deploy Process Servlet Disabled

Deployment of a new workflow via the the JBPM Deploy Process Servlet, as described in, is now only possible if you include this line in


Note that this is not recommended in a production environment as it allows unauthenticated deployment of new workflows.

Email Templates

After upgrading from v3.1.1, please use the 'cut' and 'paste all' actions to move all custom templates from their 'Email Templates' folder to either the 'Invite Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for site invitations) or the 'Notify Email Templates' sub-folder (if they are templates for notifications of new content). The standard product ones will have been moved automatically.

Edit online via CIFS is no longer supported

Due to heightened security in modern browser versions, we have removed cifs as a supported value of the <edit-link-type> element in web-client-config.xml. Allowable values are now http or webdav.

Bugs Fixed Since 3.2 SP1

  • [ALF-206] -         URL to document in Alfresco doesn't work in Word 2003 and 2007

  • [ALF-442] -         With SSO enabled, visiting wcservice URL and logging in redirects to My Alfresco

  • [ALF-726] -         Content Cleaner cannot be enabled: Migrate pre-3.2 content URLs to new format and pick up tag existing orphaned content

  • [ALF-791] -         Error message appears when we're trying to create content based on profile.xsd and profile.xsl

  • [ALF-897] -         It is impossible to create content when default value selected in ContentHeadlineBackground field for intranet_rssi_landing_template web-form

  • [ALF-934] -         View Details does not refresh the doc properties when displaying multiple documents  via Direct URL

  • [ALF-1000] -         Upgrade from 2.x to 3.x - VersionMigrator is too slow

  • [ALF-1998] -         contentStoreCleanerJob leads to foreign key exception

  • [ALF-2216] -         Empty page shown when trying to download a large PDF (or other large binary) from JSF client

  • [ALF-2290] -         a HTTP GET request of a document redirects to the Home Location when using NTLM SSO

  • [ALF-2624] -         NullPointerException in LDAP sync on certain platforms when group has 'dangling references'

  • [ALF-2630] -         LDAP differential sync does not bring over group membership changes for unchanged users

  • [ALF-2640] -         Share: Edit Offline and Upload New Version fails with HTML uploader on FF3.5, works on IE

  • [ALF-2712] -         Performance degradation from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2

  • [ALF-2719] -         'patch.convertContentUrls' (3.3 Community, 3.2SP1) can result in "No ContentData value exists for ID" errors

  • [ALF-2730] -         Listing files from CIFS can skip filenames

  • [ALF-2773] -         JMX configuration of enterprise logging broken

  • [ALF-2784] -         Degradation of performance between 3.1.1 and 3.2x (observed in JSF)

  • [ALF-2787] -         Space not archived when deleted by Non-Admin User

  • [ALF-2839] -         Node pre-loading generates needless resultset rows

  • [ALF-2861] -         Cannot upgrade from 2.1.2a (b 209) to 3.2.1 on Oracle

  • [ALF-2883] -         alfresco-mmt-3.3dev.jar shows NoClassDefFoundError: org/safehaus/uuid/UUIDGenerator

  • [ALF-2886] -         LDAP sync defaults display names incorrectly and can't cope with DNs containing escaped trailing whitespace.

  • [ALF-2890] -         Upgrade removes content if transaction retries are triggered

  • [ALF-2966] -         WCM - Optional elements of schema validated as required / Hotfix

  • [ALF-3020] -         Error when accessing the Repository from Share

  • [ALF-3032] -         Web Form layout performance issues.

  • [ALF-3188] -         Access Denied when updating doc via CIFS

  • [ALF-3189] -         Oracle/DB2/SQLServer/PostgreSQL are missing indexes to support many FK constraints

  • [ALF-3203] -         Module conflict - Alfresco web client config property page missing metadata

  • [ALF-3264] -         XML files edited by a modified Web Form that has had elements removed retain the removed elements

  • [ALF-3592] -         Authentication through CIFS with passthru doesn't auto-create missing users

  • [ALF-3604] -         When using ldap sync upgrading from 3.2 deletes and re-adds all the users.

  • [ALF-3617] -         Kerberos webscriptAuthenticationFilter currently uses NullFilter

  • [ALF-3732] -         Data loss and errors on FTP upload

  • [ALF-3737] -         passthru subsystem broken

  • [ALF-3777] -         XSS vulnerability - IMG tag src property in share wiki - IE 6 only

  • [ALF-3778] -         XSS vulnerability - HREF property in an anchor tag can contain exectuable script

  • [ALF-3779] -         upgrade patch from v2.1 (upgrade-from-2.1.sql) fails for MySQL repository with 50,000 node (x5 versions each)

  • [ALF-3789] -         Authentication tickets submitted to webscripts are returned as invalid after multi threaded access through the Download Servlet

  • [ALF-3793] -         New XSD elements appear at the bottom of generated XML

  • [ALF-3826] -         It's impossible to create any item in Repository (IE6 specific)

  • [ALF-3867] -         SQL format error when re-instating orphaned content URL

  • [ALF-3889] -         jBPM process deployer servlet runs without auth

  • [ALF-3960] -         ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when we set mergerMergeFactor > mergerTargetOverlays

Release Notes