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Release Checklist

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Alfresco Community Edition

This list documents the portion of release activities that involve collaboration with the Alfresco open source community. It is not an exhaustive list of all the engineering tasks carried out by the team (library upgrades, localization, QA, etc).

For All Releases

  • Create JIRA fix versions in each project for the release (Product Management / Programme Delivery)
  • Create release notes in the ECM social community (Product Management / Programme Delivery)
    • Specify the release goal
    • Link the JIRA fix versions into the release notes
  • Create/update the major version release page in wiki (Product Management / Programme Delivery)
  • Create a discussion thread for the release (Product Management / Programme Delivery)
    • Request additional testing of the nightly build
  • Release build approval (Product Management)
    • Smoke test that Windows and Linux builds both install and run
    • Review recent issues logged by the community
    • Any positive feedback from the community?
  • Copy release to (Build Team)
  • Upload release to Amazon S3 (Build Team)
  • Create private SCM tag (Build Team)
  • Create public SCM tag (Build Team)
  • Record on the release notes the SVCM revision numbers and SCM tag names for each repository included in the release (Build Team)
  • Update the Community Plan of Record (Build Team)
  • Create JIRA release (Build Team)
  • Link the release notes to the Jive ECM space home page (Build Team)
  • Internal announcement of the release: engineering, PM, SE, Product Marketing (Product Management)

For Early Access Releases

Criteria for EA releases:

  • need to be clear on goals for the release
  • limited distribution


  • Link to the file list of the latest EA release on the main page of the Wiki (Build Team)
  • Optionally upload release to Maven Repo as EA (Build Team)
  • Announce release on IRC and on Twitter (Product Management)

For GA Releases

Criteria for GA releases:

  • need to be as polished or better than the previous GA release.
  • distribute widely


  • Publish documentation (Engineering User Assistance Team)
  • For the previous GA release, add a link on the Release Notes wiki page to the File List in the wiki (Build Team)
  • Update product download page for Community Edition (6 links!) (Web Team)
  • Upload release to Maven Repo (Build Team)
  • Upload release to Sourceforge (Build Team)
  • Announce release: (Product Management and Marketing)
    • Forums
    • IRC
    • Twitter