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Released 2013

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In 2013, Alfresco continues to deliver and enrich the same Enterprise grade software that our 1000s of paying and Community users and partners are familiar with. With the Cloud and Mobile product now firmly established, we continue to extend our reach and range of products.

The features/products presented here are what we have released so far this year under the following three pillars of activity built on the same foundation.

Cloud Feature Releases

Localization Support

  • Addition of new languages beyond English so you can choose which language to use Alfresco in
  • Enhancements to localization support in Alfresco so you can select which language you see in Alfresco by default

SAML 2.0

  • LDAP/AD Integration, SAML 2.0 allows you, as a customer, to integrate your on-premise user directory with Alfresco in the Cloud using SAML so your users can log on to Cloud using their existing on-premise credentials and have Single-Sign-On with other company systems (Upgrade Feature)


Android Mobile SDK 1.0.1

Latest update following the release of our Android 1.0.2 app based on this SDK.

Android 1.0.2

Alfresco 1.0.2 resolves an issue with URLs when sharing the link to a document via email and fixes a problem with video capture.

Android 1.0.1

Alfresco 1.0.1 enabled support for Honeycomb and addressed a number of minor issues including:

  • sporadic problems when uploading files
  • erroneous status of Alfresco cloud awaiting verification
  • opening a file from its thumbnail
  • inability to download the previous version of a file
  • automatic preview of downloaded document

Alfresco Mobile Android 1.1

  • Alfresco Features
    • Display large preview of documents
    • Create Office and Text Documents
    • Favorite / Unfavorite sites
    • Join / Leave sites
  • Create documents
  • Security
    • Password app access
    • Encrypt data at rest
  • Localized in French