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Replication Service

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The official documentation is at:

Replication Service3.4


The Replication Service came into existence in version 3.4 of Alfresco. Its purpose is to provide control for replicating content between alfresco repositories.


The replication service is responsible for persisting replication jobs which specify what is to be replicated to where and when.  

The replication service controls what is replicated and when content should be replicated.   In addition it monitors the status of currently executing replication jobs and enables in-flight replications to be canceled.

When the time comes to perform replication the replication service finds which nodes need to be transferred and then delegates to the the transfer service.

Alfresco Share provides a user interface for the Replication Service, so the methods of the Replication Service are exposed by Java based Replication Web Scripts. Administrators may access the Replication UI through Share, under More / Tools / Replication Jobs.

To configure Alfresco Share to open locked content in the source repository

Alfresco Share can be configured to open a locked node in the source repository where it can be edited.    To do this, Share needs to be configured with the mapping between the remote repository id and the url to access the remote repository.

To discover a Repository Id, browse to the remote server's CMIS landing page at:  http://{server}:{port}/alfresco/service/cmis/index.html            The  Repository Id field is found under the 'CMIS Repository Information' expandable panel.  

In your <web-extension>/share-config-custom.xml file look for and change the following example configuration.

   <config evaluator='string-compare' condition='Replication'>     
          <share-url repositoryId='622f9533-2a1e-48fe-af4e-ee9e41667ea4'>http://new-york-office:8080/share/</share-url>