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Within the system a role is a named collection of user capabilities, a role may be assigned to one or more users, but a user may be assigned one, and only one, role at a time. In order for a user to be able to use the records management system they must have a role. The system comes with the following pre-defined roles:

  5015.2 Name
  Administrator  RMA Application Administrator  This is the administrator role for the records management system, this role has all capabilities within the system; capabilities may be removed from this role.
  User  Typical User  This is a basic role for users of the system allowing declaration and viewing records.
  Power User  Local Records Officer  This is a role given to users who need the capability to add and manage the file plan locally.
  Records Manager  Records Manager  This role can do most of the operations in the system, but cannot manage roles, groups, users or security aspects of the system
  Security Officer  Security Officer  This role can manage carry out the same functions as the Records Manager and additionally can manage classified records. Note: not part of the current release.

A role is the only way in which a user can be assigned capabilities in the system. That is to say if you want to assign a specific user a set of capabilities you must create a role with those capabilities and assign the user that role.

Roles can be created by any user who has the Create, Modify, Destroy Roles capability defined in their role.
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