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The following are sample personifications of the WCM user roles.  These individuals will be the types of users that we look to support with our out-of-the-box workflows and publishing capabilities.

Kate, PR Manager       
Kate is a Content Contributor.  Kate is responsible for creating and publishing press releases and case studies.  Kate spends most of her day creating documents in MSWord that she stores and saves on a network file-share.  Kate is responsible for routing her documents through both ad-hoc review and formal sign-off and approval processes.  Kate needs a simple way to categorize a new press release or case study, set a launch date, preview how the updated website will look like after publication, and get email notification when the document is finally successfully published.  Kate does not want to learn a new tool and simply needs a quick and fast way to get her business documents to the Web.      

Veronica, Event Marketing Manager       
Veronica is a Web Publisher.  Veronica is responsible for updating the www site with new event information.  Veronica spends most of her day collaborating with her marketing peers on event details, working in MSExcel to track budget and schedule and MSWord to prepare agendas and feedback forms.  Veronica is responsible for accessing special forms in the CMS to create new pages for the external site with unique web content to advertise and market the event.  Veronica is also responsible for taking specific documents from her project space to post to her newly created web pages in PDF format.   Veronica is willing to learn new tools to publish to the Web but needs quick access to the forms she needs to fill out and simple ways to get existing documents onto those pages in a safe, locked down format.       

Allie, Online Marketing Manager       
Allie is a Web Content Manager.  Allie is responsible for product section of the main www website and an associated intranet site for product training linked to the main sales intranet portal.  Allie spends her day coordinating schedules for current web projects, including redesigns, wholesale site content refreshes, and new site launches.  Allie coordinates requirements with her marketing peers making certain that content from both contributors and publishers is on track, is of good quality, and is appropriately staged for launch.

Kirk, Product Manager       
Kirk is a Content Contributor.  Kirk is a source of original content created in both MSWord and MSPowerPoint.  For internal sites, Kirk shares much in common with Kate the PR manager:  Kirk wants a simple way to take approved documents and post to an internal training website (with the content reviewed by the owner of that internal training website, Allie).  For external sites, Kirk typically is not responsible for determining what does or does not get published.  For Kirk, once he is done collaborating on final documents and gets needed documents posted for internal consumption, he is finished with the web publishing process.      

Laurence, Product Marketing Manager       
Laurence is a Web Publisher.  Laurence, like Veronica, is responsible for creating and updating web pages for both the intranet and internet to launch new products or marketing initiatives.  Like Veronica, Kirk needs a simple way to easily access forms to create new content for the web and easily link finalized business documents to those pages.  Unlike Veronica, Laurence is responsible for publishing not only his own business documents but also documents creating by internal contributors such as Kirk the Product Manager.  Laurence determines which documents get published, where they are linked into the website, what audiences they are targeted for, and how best they such be promoted on the Web.

Adriana, EMEA Marketing Manager       
Adriana is a Web Publisher.  Adriana performs an analogous role to Veronica for her specific geography.  Unlike Veronica, however, Adriana also plays a similar role to Laurence, ensuring appropriate message and content for the entire website or section of the website as a whole.  Adriana is responsible for determining which content published on the main www site should be available to different local websites and for ensuring that that content is both translated and localized for specific markets.  Adriana acts as a delegated Web Content Manager, ensuring local market requirements are incorporated in overall strategy and ensuring overall local site effectiveness.  Adriana is highly trained in the overall CMS and CMS operations and needs simple ways to not only publish both content and documents but also easily coordinate localized content updates.      

Keith, VP Corporate Marketing       
Keith is Content Reviewer.  Keith manages the web team and works with the Web Content Manager(s) to ensure that the web strategy is aligned with overall corporate messaging and strategy.  Keith is responsible for reviewing updates to top-level site pages and for significant site updates.  Keith is also responsible for spot-checking quality of the site, specing out minor incremental site changes.  Keith spends most of his days working in email and PowerPoint attending meetings; Keith will not learn how to use a web content management tool and needs a simple way to approve content or assign change requests.      

Loretta, General Counsel       
Loretta is a Content Reviewer.  Loretta has no involvement with the web team or any responsibility for creating content on the website.  Loretta�s responsibility is focused on reviewing and approving marketing content for the Web and for ensuring that the overall web operations have documented approval processes with detailed audit trails and version histories.  Loretta, like Keith, will not learn how to use a content management system, but does need a simple way to review and approve content.