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Share Custom Dashlets

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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco ShareThis page contains information on a number of custom dashlets for Alfresco Share, which have been developed by the Community. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but should provide some idea of the type of additional functionality that has been integrated into Share using this mechanism.

Share Extras Dashlets

A number of custom dashlets are available from the share-extras project, including the following.

  • Tag Cloud Dashlet
  • Site Blog Dashlet
  • Site Poll Dashlet
  • Twitter Feed Dashlet
  • Twitter Search Dashlet
  • BBC Weather Dashlet
  • Notice Dashlet

In addition to dashlets a number of other add-ons such as custom themes and document library actions are available in the project.

Share extensions made by Atol Conseils & Développements

A number of custom extensions (dashlets, actions, ...) are available from the  Atol C&D Forge, including the following :

Other Dashlets

Other dashlets have been published by individual authors.

You can help by adding information on any additional custom dashlets that you are aware of. All entries should include a link to a location for further information providing downloads of all source code used under reasonable terms.

Latest Version
More Info
My Weather dashlet(No version) - 30 Sep 2008Dr Yong Qu - Alfresco
Todo-list dashlet(No version) - 16 Apr 2009Dave Gafford - Ixxus provides additional repository-tier APIs
Microblogging dashlets0.1 - 16 Oct 2009Jeff Potts, Michael Ruflin, Matthias Geisler, Xavier Naud - Optaros provides additional repository-tier APIs
Share Dashlet to access Alfresco repository(No version) - 4 Dec 2009