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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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Functionality Targets

This is the first release to the community and the basis upon which we build the community. We are targeting that the development of this release will last no more than 4 months. It is important to demonstrate ease of use, organization and architecture. Additional functionality can be implied either through stubs, sandbox implementations or road map.


Content oriented store and services.

Core Services

Workspaces - Supporting the notion of the JSR-170 workspace

Node Service - Node, Property and Association management including CRUD and Persistence

Content Service - Storage and retrieval of content (text/binary)

Versioning - Support a basic version model, but potentially use Subversion or comply with JSR-170 Level 2 (Optional)

Search - Support search in a Google-style search and JSR-170 XPath search

Search Documentation - A description of the search syntax

Classification - Provide hierarchical classifications and the old enum support

Cross Cutting Support

Service Interface Standards - Some help to ensure that the public API is consistent

Services Framework - Architectural pattern for representing service, aspect and content type specific behaviour.

Node Handles and Store Protocols - Approach for identifying Nodes and Stores within a Repository

Type Mechanism - Meta Data for describing Types (inheritance), properties, associations and behaviours

Security and Authentication - Use ACEGI to support basic authentication and some level of ACL support

Standard Interfaces

Alfresco Content Management Java API - Alfresco public Content Repository API

JSR-170 - Support the Java Content Repository API (JCR)

WebDAV - Support the WebDAV standard up to the level of Jakarta Slide 2.0

Issues (outstanding specifications)

RepoI18N - Support for I18N in the Repository (Node values?, Data Dictionary labels)


Extensions to the core set of services provided by the repository

Auto-classification - Automatically classify content as it enters the repository

Auto-summarization - Add a summary of textual content

Auto-format - Transform content upon entry in repository by applying a specific format transformation (e.g. transform a word document into HTML applying a specific style sheet)


Web-Client Framework - Use Spring and JSF to support the development of a portal based web-client framework and portlets

Desktop Integration Options - Investigation of Desktop Integration options

Space User Application - Full application client for managing and using Spaces

API Integration Issues - Page to discuss and note issues that the web-client team is having with the service APIs

System Administration

User Interface Design - Start with the end user (not terribly sophisticated) before designing the API

Components - Create interfaces for Types, Users, ACLS, Stores, Workflows, Links...

SysAdmin API - A JMX-based API for managing system objects in the repository