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Surf Platform - Guided Examples

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The official documentation is at:

Surf PlatformLabs 33.0

See Extending Share 1 - Creating a Share Extension project for a step-by-step approach to creating a share extension project that can be used to change Share without changing the source code

See Extending Share 2 - Adding a Create content button to Document Library for a step-by-step of learning surf by adding a button to Share Document Library for in-line editing

See Extending share 3 - Adding a new Page to Share for a step-by-step article showing how to create a custom page to a Share site

See Jeff Pott's 'Do-It-Yourself' Surf Code Camp for a complete set of downloads of what Jeff presented during the Optaros sponsored Community Code Camps over the past few months

See Ben Hagan's Getting Started with Alfresco Surf article for a guide on how to build a basic Surf application from the ground up

See  Extending share 4 - Adding new Content Type to Advance Search for a step-by-step  article showing how to add new Content Type to Advance Search