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System Migration

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The process of migrating an instance of Alfresco running on one server to another server follows a similar pattern to the Simple Backup Process, with additional steps of ensuring any configuration is also copied over.

The dir.root property mentioned below is usually defined in '' within the external configuration directory (e.g. tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension). The dir.root is often a directory named 'alf_data' within the directory where Alfresco is installed and will hold both content and full text indexes by default.  The dir.root location is also reported in the Alfresco logs when the server is started.

Backup Alfresco Server 1

  1. Stop Application Server (ensures no one can make changes while backing up or restoring)
  2. Export the database to Alfresco dir.root (same location as content and indexes)
  3. Copy configuration directory to dir.root (e.g. cp -r tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension alf_data)
  4. Backup the Alfresco dir.root

Restore to Server 2

  1. Install compatible Alfresco server (typically identical Alfresco version to Server 1)
  2. Do not start the new Alfresco server
  3. Restore dir.root (if the path is different on Server 2, change the dir.root configuration)
  4. Rename the new server's configuration directory (e.g. mv tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension new_ext)
  5. Move the configuration directory from dir.root to the appropriate location (e.g. mv alf_data/extension tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco)
  6. If any configuration references Server 1 explicitly, change these references to Server 2
  7. Import the database from dir.root
  8. Start Application Server

You should now have a new instance of Alfresco on a second server with identical data.  If you wish to migrate the data from one type of database to another, one approach is given in Migrating from HSQL.