WCM Preview Release (Oct 2006)

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WCM Preview Release (Oct 2006)

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com


WCM Preview Release 1


This is the initial technology preview of our WCM capability.

Key new features include:

  •   Forms Management
  •   Website Development and Staging
  •   XML Content Authoring
  •   Virtualization and In-Context Preview

Before you begin

To initially login, use the following:

  •   Username:  admin
  •   Password:  admin

To evaluate the Preview release, please navigate into the Guest Home space, where you will see a file 'WCM-Tutorial.pdf'.  This is the WCM Preview Release Product Evaluation Guide and will showcase some of our new WCM capabilities using a sample website and sample forms included with your Preview installation.

Upgrading from previous releases

This should be used standalone for evaluation purposes only and is cannot be used against an existing Alfresco repository (Preview Only).

Enhancements since previous release

Initial release


Initial release


  • The Virtualization Server requires the use of a 'virtualization domain'.  All subdomains within the 'virtualization domain' must resolve to the Virtualization Server's IP address.  By default, the Virtualization Server can only be accessed by browsers on the same machine, and this machine must be connected to the Internet; however, this is very easy to change.  For details, see: Configuring the Virtualization Server.
  • Only the 'admin' user can create Websites or register XML Content Forms by default. To enable other users to do this, the admin user will need to Invite users into the 'Websites' and 'Content Forms' spaces with the minimum of 'Contributor' permissions.
  • Four website user 'roles' are provided as part of the Preview, they control the functionality available to each user and the permissions those users have upon their own sandbox and other users sandboxes. The roles are based on the existing Alfresco permission model and can be configured in the usual way. They are subject to change and extension as additional functionality is added.
    • Content Manager :The administrator role for the website, the only user that can Import Content directly into the main website staging area. They can view other user sandboxes and perform actions in any sandbox.
      Content Publisher :Can create new content and edit existing content and delete existing items in their own sandbox and submit items to the main staging area.
      Content Contributor :Can create and edit new content in their own sandbox and submit those items to the main staging area.
      Content Reviewer :Can edit existing content in their own sandbox, and submit those changes to the main staging sandbox. They cannot create new content. This role will be important for the future workflow integration, as Reviewers will be able to modify and approve content from other users.

Known Issues

Version Conflicts

  • When a situation arises in which a file in a user sandbox is in conflict with or older than the version of that file in the Staging sandbox, submitting the user sandbox file overwrites the Staging sandbox file.

Repository Cyclic References

  • There is a possibility in this preview release for cyclic references among layered directories to go undetected.  We believe that such references cannot be generated using the Alfresco WCM Application but it is possible to generate them by programming against the AVMService interface.

Create Website Wizard

  • Once a website is created, the list of sandboxes is fixed.  New users cannot be added to the site and existing users cannot be removed from the site.  Ability to create and remove sandboxes (and associated users) is a target enhancement for GA release.
  • Websites cannot subscribe to a select list of available forms in the Content Forms Library.  All registered forms are available to all sites for the Preview release.  This is a target enhancement for the preview release.

XSD to XForms

  • fields entered in the xsd as attributes as opposed to elements do not properly indicate whether or not they are required.

Create Form Wizard

  • Each template output method must use a unique file name for the generated asset, otherwise when creating content, the generation phase will fail since it will try to overwrite the first generated asset with the second.  The wizard does not currently enforce that extensions must be unique.
  • The schema uploaded must be a well formed schema.  The create form wizard does no validation of the schema.  If you upload an invalid schema, you'll run into a nullpointerexception when attempting to create a form of that type in the create web content form.
  • For all the schemas we provide, the root tag name to use with that form is the same as the filename minus the .xsd extension (meaning default-values.xsd uses default-values as the root tag name). Entering something else in that field can lead to unpredictable behavior (errors or an empty form).

Create Web Content Wizard

  • minOccurs and maxOccurs constraints on repeats are not currently enforced. WCM-17
  • Move up and move down are not completely implemented and will have no effect on the generated output.  While they may look like they are working on the client, it does not actually produce any server calls to rearrange the data on the server. WCM-18
  • If all repeat instances are removed, repeats are unable to repopulate themselves. WCM-20
  • No support for combo boxes that lack a default value. WCM-21
  • The system should prevent the user from registering an invalid XSD. WCM-24
  • The order of lists generated by enumerated or list types in the schema is undefined. WCM-27
  • IE only: Comboboxes will show up with an invalid value (something like [Select1 Company Footers]).  This is because boolean xpath expressions do not work in IE and that value isn't being filtered out using binding constraints. WCM-25
  • Error handling for invalid forms is only partially implemented for elements within repeats.  Error messages do not currently show up among the form fields, nor do labels turn red for those items.  You will only get a single error at the top of the form indicating that submission failed. WCM-26
  • Safari is unsupported, and suport is not planned.

Edit XML Inline

  • Editing an xml file not generated by the create web content wizard will cause a null pointer exception since the template type aspect is not set.
  • Editing assets generated by template output methods  (shtml and txt files and such) should bring up the form editor for the corresponding xml file.  Currently it does not.