Web Service Change Log 1.4

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Web Service Change Log 1.4

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Web Services
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The purpose of version 1.4 is to ensure that we have 100% coverage of repository functionality via the web service API.

Here are the proposed additions and changes to the Web Service API to achieve this goal:

 Change   Status   Documented 
 Add the Dictionary Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add the FileSytem Web Serivce   Pending   Yes 
 Add processTemplate methods and supporting types to the Content Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add transform and isTransformable methods to the Content Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add authority methods to the Access Control Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add Descriptor type and getDescriptors method to the Administration Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add import/export methods to the Administration Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Move Classification and Category types from the web service data types namespace into the Classification Web Service namespace.   Pending   Yes 
 Add category management methods to the Classification Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Add restore method to the Authoring Web Service   Pending   Yes 
 Updated Classification type to have multiple root categories.  This is a bug fix.   Pending   Yes 
 Formalise the notion of tempory content with the Content Web Service  Pending   No 
 Link versions together in the Version History type   Pending   No 
 Allows CML commands to be mixed and executed in a predetermined order   Pending   No