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Why Name Alfresco

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Wiki Administrative Pages
We decided to call our company and product Alfresco. Alfresco means 'open air' and 'in the fresh' and there are no bad connotations to the word. We believe the word reflects our values in bringing enterprise content management out into the open and our fresh approach to problems that have yet to be solved.

In coming up with these names, we tried a lot of others as well. Here is the process we went through.


Top three:

  1. airflow (airflow.org for sale)
  2. anchor (anchor.org seems to be for sale)
  3. lionshare (lionshare.com is taken, but looks as though it could be bought from them)


  1. avalanche
  2. arcon
  3. arkon
  4. accolade
  5. altitude
  6. avorto
  7. aeroplone
  8. asyntu
  9. avolved
  10. adapten
  11. adjustum
  12. authoron
  13. ostrich
  14. airlift
  15. allegra
  16. avedis
  17. avril


  1. Crisp
  2. Alfresco
  1. andsome
  2. alfresco
  3. actonit
  4. abduce
  5. abaxial
  6. absolve
  7. abuzz
  8. acclivity
  9. acquit
  10. acrosome
  11. actin
  12. agrippa
  13. actualise
  14. actuality
  15. adjoin
  16. adjust
  17. affect
  18. affirm
  19. aimto
  20. alate
  21. albion (taken by individual)
  22. alethic
  23. alltoo
  24. allfor
  25. already
  26. alright
  27. aloft
  28. apace
  29. aprise
  30. arcuate


  1. Harmonia (all taken but .org is parked)
  2. Evoshare: The evolution of content management... (.org available)
  3. WhipTail - .org free, .com looks parked

  4. Kracken - mythical sea creature (.org available)
  5. Atiraj - Atira means 'Vault-of-the-Sky' -  The Pawnee, Nebraska (all available)
  6. Jarcasa (all available)
  7. Perses - son of the founder of Persia (.org available)
  8. Abalim - a class of Angels (all domains available)
  9. Abarta - Irish/Celtic God (.com gone)
  10. Alope (.org available)
  11. cortex: Connotations with the brain - our content management system is clever/intellegent - it will automatically process the content etc...
  12. accion: (Spanish for 'share' - just the wrong type of share. As in Share trading... but the word sounds cool)
  13. Ostara - personification of the rising sun in Anglo-Saxon myth (.org is taken but has a 'click here to buy this domain...' link on it)
  14. OSC(a)R - Open Source Content (something begining with a - such as aggregation) Repository


  1. Hot Toast (.net and .org available)
  2. Astroraving (.com, .net and .org available)

  1. Mattervision
  2. Rustac
  3. K-Grad or Kaigrad
  4. Energi
  5. Acenapt


  1. Freesoft
  2. Freehub
  3. Open Media
  4. Open…..
  5. Open Actviti
  6. Caxton


  1. Ostiger (Ostiger.com for sale and ostiger.org is free)
  2. Elevenmonkeys (.com and .org available)
  3. Ostent (Appearance; air; mien.) (.com and .org available)
  4. Ostium (An opening; a passage.) (both taken)
  5. Osunite    Ostenite     Ostone          (Made up open source rock)
  6. Austenite (“a solid solution‿ of ferric carbide or carbon in iron; cools to form pearlite or martensite)
  7. Ostenite (The open source solid solution)
  8. Docible (Easily taught or managed; teachable.) Docity
  9. Ausform/osform (To subject (especially steel) to deformation, quenching, and tempering to improve its wear properties.)
  10. Aconos (.com gone)
  11. Austone
  12. Toscre or toscar  (The open source content repository – good open source unix naming method there)
  13. Anoscre or anoscar (best performer J,     OK, well it is AN Open Source Content REpository)
  14. Anoscent,
  15. Oscentric
  16. Coretent (I quite like Steve’s suggestion of cortex)
  17. Oscilllution (os content solution, probably have to work out what it actually means)
  18. Agnostore (Store anything)
  19. Ruefish (red herring)
  20. Storeos (.com gone)
  21. Osmedium (Osmium.com  seems to be gone)
  22. Osmyster   or osmaster


(in order of preference)

  1. Magenta (.org looks like it's registered but not used)
  2. Corella (co.uk is available, .com and .org are registered but not used)
  3. AllStore (.org is available,
  4. Odyssey or Odyssi or Odisi -  An extended adventurous voyage or trip; this certainly describes the company quite well
  5. ForStore
  6. Panther
  7. Jaguar
  8. Cheetah
  9. Ares - Greek God of War as we are certainly going to be entering a content management war!
  10. ContentDepot (as in HomeDepot) - we cater for all your content needs


These are my top 5 which are available:

  1. Diffusion (com domain is 'available to purchase' on the website, org is parked, net #available)
  2. Dilorico (all available)
  3. HotToast (net/org available)
  4. Addit (net available)
  5. ContentBucket (all available)

  1. Aphoenix (org available)
  2. Afenix (org/net available)
  3. Coolwork (com/net available with holding companies)
  4. Coolplace (org/net available with holding companies)
  5. Sabretooth (all taken)
  6. Diffusion (com/org/net available with holding companies)
  7. Liberatium (from the Latin: liberate - all available)
  8. Dilorico  (from the Latin: to open, or specifically to tear open - all available)
  9. Diloricom  (similar to above, but sounds more techy - all available)
  10. Basis (org/net available)
  11. Silverback (then we can use gorillas and monkeys in our logos muahaha, all taken)
  12. Simia (from the Latin: monkey, all taken)
  13. Unistore (one content store to rule them all…)
  14. Cellarius (a storeroom, all taken)
  15. Eximo (from the Latin: to free, release)
  16. Exonero (from the Latin: to free, release, relieve)
  17. Attribem (from the Latin: to give)
  18. Adesse  (from the Latin: to be present, to support, be favorable to)
  19. Autem (from the Latin: but on the other hand, however)
  20. Argentum (means Silver)
  21. Proditum (from the Latin: to put forth , bring forth; to show, publish)
  22. Rescindo (from the Latin: break open)
  23. April (just because)
  24. Magic (we are wizards, hoho)
  25. SpellBound (classic spectrum game)
  26. Core (I dunno I'm making em up now)
  27. ContentBucket
  28. Sack'o'Stuff


  1. Airframe
  2. Fuego
  3. Amino
  4. Ascot
  5. Airstore
  6. Avion
  7. Apropos
  8. BlitzBase
  9. Aloof
  10. Aval
  11. Atoll
  12. Accent
  13. Addit
  14. AltaTerra - the High Ground
  15. aaron.org
  16. airversion.org is available.
  17. airversion.com is available.
  18. airvision.org is available.
  19. airbase.org
  20. aircube.com
  21. airlogic.com
  22. airjar.org is available.
  23. airjar.com is available.
  24. airbean.org is available.
  25. airpair.org is available.
  26. airstair.org is available.
  27. aerosign.org is available.
  28. aerobase.org is available.
  29. airstair.com is available.
  30. accesslist.org is available.
  31. airhair.org is available.
  32. airdare.org is available.
  33. airsign.org is available.
  34. airlair.org is available.


  1. Perpetuate (.org available)
  2. Mandarin phonetic variations (all have .org, .com and .cn available)
    1. Queshi (pinyin mandarin for reliable)
    2. Lilai (Always)
    3. JiJiXing (Activity, Enthusiasm)
    4. Primadi (Prima-foundation)


  1. Air
  2. ASpace
  3. AceSpace
  4. Collabor8
  5. DigiSpace
  6. Ether
  7. OpenAir
  8. AboutSpace