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AI Innovation Projects - Input & UI

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In this post we'll highlight projects using technologies around new ways of inputting data and creating user interfaces, for example: Voice control, natural language processing, VR & AR. 

This will grow over time as more projects emerge from both Alfresco and the community. Got a project you'd like featured? Let me know!

Voice driven Alfresco app with Amazon Alexa

This Alfresco project creates a voice enabled business process demo using Alfresco Process Services powered by Activiti and Amazon Alexa. The solution also has integration with a variety of technologies such as Alfresco Content Services, Email, Twilio, Decooda etc. A user can interact with the process over voice using their Amazon Echo and mobile phone! 

Video Link : 1293

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Voice driven ADF app 

An example ADF App integrated with WebSpeech API using from Ciju Joseph

Video Link : 1298 Get the code

Natural Language Processing and Enterprise Search

Nathan McMInn introduces NLP, what it can do and some of the options for integrating with your solutions.

Video Link : 1299

Cognitive Video Viewer

Jason Jolley from Micro Strategies talks about adding cognitive services to Alfresco and gives the example of a video viewer with transcriptions, real time keyword and people analysis and search 

Video Link : 1304

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