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Welcome to the Alfresco Premier Services Blog!

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About three years ago, Alfresco created a new branch of our support and services organization, the Premier Services team.  Since then, the Premier Services team has grown into a first class global support organization, handling many of Alfresco's largest and most complex strategic accounts.  Our group consists of some of Alfresco's most seasoned and senior support staff and has a presence in APAC, EMEA and the US serving customers worldwide.  Today we start a new chapter in our journey.

One of the benefits of working with large accounts is the breadth and depth of problems we get to help them solve.  Premier Services accounts tend to be those with extensive integrations, demanding uptime, reliability and performance requirements, complex business environments and product extensions.  We are launching our blog to share best practices, interesting insights, code / configuration examples and problem solving tips that arise from our work.  This blog will also serve as a platform for sharing new service offerings and updates to existing offerings, and to give our customers and community members some insights into the direction that our service offerings will take as they evolve.  For our inaugural blog post, we'd like to talk about three recent changes to the Alfresco Premier Services offerings which we think will help reduce confusion about what we deliver and give our customers some extra value.  

First, you may have noticed that our web site has been updated as a part of Alfresco's Digital Business Platform launch.  As a part of this update we have started the process of merging two of our premier services offerings.  Previously we offered an On-site Services Engineer (OSE) and a Remote Services Engineer (RSE).  Going forward we are combining these into a single Premier Services Engineer (PSE) offering.  We can still deliver it on-site or remote, and the pricing has not changed.  Where there were differences in the services, we've taken the more generous option and made it the default.  For example, OSE and RSE service used to come with a different number of Alfresco University Passports.  Going forward all PSE customers will get five passports included with their service.  Future passports issued to Premier Services accounts will also include a certification voucher.

The other changes in our service are additions intended to help with a pair of common customer requests.  It is common for customers to start to staff up at the beginning of an Alfresco project, and we are often asked to help evaluate potential hires.  In support of this request we have created a set of hiring profiles that identify the core skills that we find will enable a new hire to come up to speed quickly on the Alfresco platform.  These hiring profiles and assessments are available now to all Premier Services accounts.  A second major change is the addition of Alfresco Developer Support to Premier Services accounts on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.  What this means is that if you are a Premier Services customer and are using Alfresco Content Services 5.2+ AND Alfresco Process Services powered by Activiti 1.6+, you will get Developer Support for two of your support contacts included with your service at no additional cost.  This is a huge addition to the Premier Services portfolio, and we're excited to be able to offer it in conjunction with our peers on the dev support team.

Stay tuned for more from the Premier Services team, our next blog posts will take an in-depth look at some challenging technical issues.

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