acitiviti BPM scalability

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acitiviti BPM scalability

We are working on integrating the activiti engine into our workflow. 
How well does the engine scale?  For example, we need to create and deploy in hundred(s) work flows to be executed? Is there a bottleneck in the database performance? when multiple of these work flows need to access the database for storing and retrieving process information? Have any body deployed such large work flows? Are there any specific issue(s)?

Any pointers or comments would be helpful  

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Re: acitiviti BPM scalability

While more recent benchmark data is hard to find, the article below provides a good look at Activiti engine performance from a couple of years back:

The Activiti Performance Showdown | Small steps with big feet 

Considering there have been no significant architectural changes in the underlying engine, I expect very similar results in 5.22.

And, as always with state machines, the database is almost always the limiting factor.