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Action by Email

We are looking at using Activiti as a bpm engine for our organization, one of our core requirement is to be able to approve a task using Email. Does activity support this feature? I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction to get this information.


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Re: Action by Email

Hi Vijay C,

Yes, it is definitely possible.

One way I can think of is:

You may send a Mail on Task Assignment with relevant Task Actions, On click of which you can hit custom services through REST api and complete the task.

For more info: Alfresco Activiti: Custom REST End Points 



Re: Action by Email

This is a very standard pattern, approving via SMS or email.

The best way I have found to achieve this is to use the Camel module.

Setup a Camel endpoint to monitor a specific email or SMS address (Camel already has endpoints for this) and then add a camel route to send an approval message.

If it is possible to have multiple instances waiting for approval mails, add a correlation key (such as the execution ID) that you can use to correlate the message.

Again, this is a very standard pattern.