activiti 在中国水土不服,希望引起官方重视!

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activiti 在中国水土不服,希望引起官方重视!

1:      怎么拒绝审批,回退到上一个节点处理?有提供API吗?

     start ---> A   --->     B   --->     C   --->     D   --->     E  ---> End





作者使用环境:activiti 6.0

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Member II

Re: activiti 在中国水土不服,希望引起官方重视!


Member II

Re: activiti 在中国水土不服,希望引起官方重视!

1: how to refuse approval, back to the last node processing? Do you offer API?
Start A I B I C I D I E I End I
For example, when I'm in the C link, I may refuse to approve or go back to a certain link (A, B, C) at C.
The official only provided the completed task API, and did not provide the refusal of the approval of the API.
2: how do you jump to any node?
Suggestion: if the official want to do the world's first class activiti open source, it should be examined in all aspects. On the two above, Chinese developers are very embarrassed. It is hoped that the official will increase the function above. Thank you very much!
The author uses the environment: activiti 6