Activiti 6 businessruletask with DMN

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Member II

Activiti 6 businessruletask with DMN

Hello, everyone i see in the doc that Activiti6 support DMN engine, and i can test the DMN rule.

But i do not know how to use the DMN with businessruletask, i can not deploy a dmn task.

And i search in the internet, only find blogs about how to use Activiti-app to create a DMN task, so i want to know how can i program it by myself?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Activiti 6 businessruletask with DMN

DMN tables don't run with Business Rule tasks they run with Decision tasks. If you have the DMN file and would like to add it to you process definition you can add like this (or you can use the UI to import your DMN and link it to process model)

<serviceTask id="mydecisiontask" name="Decision task" activiti:type="dmn">
      <activiti:field name="decisionTableReferenceKey">