Activiti 6: Updating a form

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Activiti 6: Updating a form

Hi all,

So I am using Activiti 6, and have designed a process that contains different forms to be filled up at the stages of the workflow. Now when I kick-off a process instance using the Activiti UI, key in the inputs for a certain form, and mark it as "complete", the form is submitted and I am taken to the next stage of the workflow (as per the design, and all of this seems to work fine).

My question is: Is there a way to go back and update/edit the contents of a form after it's submitted (while the process is still in 'active' state)? 



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Alfresco Employee

Re: Activiti 6: Updating a form

Are you thinking about adding the form into the process twice by having a step to complete the form and then a subsequent step to review the form (i.e. look again at the submitted data)? Or are you looking for some out of the box feature like a way for an admin to edit any form contents? (If so I can't think of a feature like that.) I assume you are not asking about getting access to the submitted form data in a service task (though perhaps you are thinking of using a service task to change a status?). Or if you are interested in having two forms that share data fields then you could look at How to pass value from one form to another form in alfresco activiti workflow? - Stack Overflow or share - Edit task workflow FORM change - Stack Overflow