Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #20

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Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #20

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(WOW 20 weeks already!) Last week (13/11/17 - 19/11/17) was all about polishing our services and looking into other aspects of our infrastructure such as monitoring, distributed configurations, security and system to system interactions. We spent a good amount of time with our project structures and we will keep  refining our GitBook to keep it as updated and full of examples as possible. As always feedback is more than welcome.

@willkzhou worked on ElasticSearch Query module implementation, quite close to be completed.

@daisuke-yoshimoto This week, he was maintaining the old version He worked on  backporting call activity business key to 5.x .

@igdianov worked on notification services using GraphQL subscriptions

@constantin-ciobotaru - out on holidays -

@lucianoprea worked on the new Activiti Cloud Service Organization (work in progress)

@balsarori worked on refactoring the Form Service brought from 6.x form service and adding spring integration

@ffazzini Feign client in activiti-cloud-examples and related bug reproducer, Zipkin investigation and PoC.

@ryandawsonuk - out on holidays -

@erdemedeiros mainly worked to provide audit events for integration requests (work in progress). Also did some improvements related to the internal Maven dependency management.

@salaboy worked on testing latest refactorings on dependency management and artifacts alignment, add more documentation to our gitbook and worked on an Activiti Cloud Connectors example that is going to be published as soon as the PRs .

This week there are a couple of RFC blog post coming out, so stay tuned and if you are interested in the project please review those blog post and send feedback. It is a great time to influence the project direction, priorities and to engage in collaborations.

Ping us in Gitter if you want to contribute:

If you want to get started with Activiti Cloud visit our Gitbook:

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