Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #22

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Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #22

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Last week we upgraded to Spring Boot M6 and Spring Cloud M4 to make sure that our November Early Access Release was aligned with SB/SC release train. We are making progress into using more Cloud components such as distributed tracing, logging and monitoring.

@willkzhou Pushed Elasticsearch implementation to separate repo created by Salaboy. Need to test Elasticsearch implementation locally first then test using a Docker image before sending for review to Mauricio et al. Updated Elastic POM files to match current release.

@daisuke-yoshimoto working on adding ability to activiti-cloud-runtime-bundle-service to start a process instance by process definition key. Also, he is writing Japanese blog posts about Activiti through the project called Activiti Advent Calendar 2017. He will write about Activiti 7 in the last week.

@igdianov - Implementing GraphQL Websocket subprotocol in Spring Websocket Message Broker. Fixed signal events throw/catch race conditions in process instance scope (PR #1590) in Activiti engine 5.x

@constantin-ciobotaru more work on adding versions to process models

@lucianoprea more work on the Activiti Cloud Service Organization

@ffazzini logging based on ELK and kubernetes investigation

@ryandawsonuk completed changes to runtime bundle to support security restrictions by process definition and added remote debugging options to all the docker images.

@erdemedeiros upgraded to Spring Boot 2.0.0.M6 and worked on the release 7-201711-EA.

@salaboy worked on enabling the Activiti Cloud Twitter example to work on Kubernetes and checked the released artifacts for correctness. This helped me to improve our Activiti Cloud Connectors started and a second iteration was included in our November Early Access Release. I’ve also checked the Runtime Bundle Security Policies initial implementation Pull Request.

We updated the Activiti & Activiti Cloud Project roadmap where we added more milestones covering the...

This week we will upgrade to Spring Boot M7 and Spring Cloud M5 followed by a set of refinements to our services. We are planning to make a short XMas release before the end of the year, and we want to make sure that this release includes a set of improvements in our services such as Logging using the ELK stack or something similar, some fixes in our REST APIs and the Activiti Cloud Twitter example up and running.

Ping us in Gitter if you want to contribute:

If you want to get started with [Activiti Cloud visit our Gitbook]

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