Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #28

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Activiti 7: Last week Dev Logs #28

Alfresco Employee
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(08/01/18 - 15/01/18) Last week the team released 7-201712-EA - you can read about the 7-201712-EA release at

@constantin-ciobotaru finished modeling service for release and fixed bugs

@mteodori integrated dependency check from develop into 5.x and updated libraries with known vulnerabilities

@lucianoprea worked on making mongo default for Audit #1661, tested the examples after the release and start looking into finding a easy way to turn on debug logging in our apps #1678

@ffazzini continued working on AWS deployment, now having used helm to solve a problem of needing to use the dynamically-assigned AWS url at deploy time

@ryandawsonuk fixed a problem with connector transaction management (#1660), improved the performance of the trending topics twitter example (#1671 ) and managed the release process for 7-201712-EA

@erdemedeiros added the node id (‘id’ attribute fro BPMN file) to Integration Requests and Integration results ( Considered the different possibilities to improve the Integration Results delivery (

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