Activiti 7 UI application

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Activiti 7 UI application

Hello guys,

I wonder if there is Activiti version 7 processes management applcaition?

Activiti 5 had Activiti Explorer, Activiti 6 had Activiti app, is there analog for version 7?

As I understood activiti-demo-ui does not cover all the features of previously named applications.

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Re: Activiti 7 UI application

Alfresco's Application Development Framework (ADF) is being made ready to work with Activiti 7.  Look for the development activity taking place in the Open Source project as we get ready to release ADF 3.0 which will be the version that supports Activiti 7.  The catalog of ADF Components can be found here.  And you can find the v3 development branch in the Git Repo here.  If you would like to collaborate with the community or make any contributions please join the ADF development team on the Gitter Channel here.