Activiti & Activiti Cloud Roadmap Update 3/5/18

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Activiti & Activiti Cloud Roadmap Update 3/5/18

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After #44 weeks of heavy work we are getting closer and closer to our first Beta1release. We are actively working in getting the first iteration of our building blocks in shape to cover a set of common scenarios for cloud deployments. After Beta1we will be focused in making sure that these components are polished enough for a large set of use cases. There is still a lot of work to do around our two last RFCs (links below) which we want to include in our Beta1release.

As usual, you can keep track of our public Roadmap here:

and our current milestone in here:

All our building blocks are designed from the scratch to work seamleasly with the following technology stacks:

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

And we are aiming to run in all these cloud platforms:

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 08.38.27

For Beta1the following building blocks are going to be provided:

  • Runtime Bundle template / Spring Boot Starter
  • Query Service template  / Spring Boot Starter
    • JPA reference implementation
  • Audit Service template / Spring Boot Starter
    • JPA reference implementation - MongoDB alternative
  • Cloud Connectors template / Spring Boot Starter  RFC: Activiti Cloud Connectors 
  • Application Service template / Spring Boot Starter RFC: Activiti Cloud Application Service
    • Service Registry integration
    • Config Server integration
    • Gateway integration for Routing

On top of these Building Blocks a set of examples will be provided to demonstrate how these services can be customised and deployed to Kubernetes clusters using Helm Charts.
The Activiti Cloud Blueprint will be updated to follow good practices around Helm deployments and to demonstrate the use of Pipelines and a continuous deployment approach.
Acceptance Tests are provided as well,but this might come after we release Beta1.
Based on our backlog and planned conferences (GeeCon 2018, Krakow& JJUG CCC Spring 2018, Tokio) we estimate that we will use May to polish and finish these building blocks. We want to make sure that our Beta1 is functional enough to deliver value to community users that are looking for a solid cloud native approach.
As we stand today this is are the proposed dates for the following milestones/releases:

Beta1 - Late May 2018 - In Progress-

  • Process Definition based security unification
  • Cloud Native BPMN Signal and Message Behaviours
  • New Process & Task Runtime Java APIs
  • Application Service
  • Refinements and consistency improvements
  • BluePrint repository split improvements to use query & audit
  • Notifications PoC with GraphQL integration at the gateway layer
  • Jenkins X ( support and alignment

Beta2 - Late June 2018

Final - July 2018

  • BluePrint Trending Topics Campaigns User Interface and Dashboards
  • Security & SSO review (review Apache Shiro Wildcard Permissions)
  • JHipster integration review and articles
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