Activiti and Spring Boot

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Activiti and Spring Boot

Hi Everyone, 

Can anyone explain about Activiti + Spring Boot like before SpringBoot and after SpringBoot integation with Activiti. what extra usecases or functionality achevied after SprinBoot Added to Activiti. How can we use the SpringBoot in Activiti. Please explain with the examples. And which version is the stable one to use SpringBoot with Activiti.



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Re: Activiti and Spring Boot

Its quick to setup and get going with a spring boot app rather than downloading the whole webapp and running on the container. The activiti starter package only requires some config (db config mainly) to init Activiti. I once did a project on activiti + spring boot with 5.22 - worked flawlessly. if you looking for cloud based architecture, should try 7.0.0SR1