Activiti Cloud 7.1.0.M2 released!

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Activiti Cloud 7.1.0.M2 released!

Alfresco Employee
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I am happy to announce the second milestone, M2, of Activiti Cloud 7.1.0 release train. 

In this 7.1.0.M2 release you will find the following:

  • Added support for BPMN embedded sub-processes in the Activiti Modeling Application and Activiti Cloud

  • Process diagram available from query service -> GET /query/admin/v1/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/diagram

  • Variable type validation at modeling time (default value is validated against type).

  • Added support for PROCESS_DEPLOYED and SIGNAL_RECEIVED events in notification service

  • Removal of RabbitMQ binder

You can also deploy our Example HELM charts using your favorite cloud platform (i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure...) or on-premise Kubernetes installation by following our Getting Started Guide.


This HELM chart version consumes the Docker images hosted in Docker HUB with the 7.1.0.M2 tags.

Please check the release notes page for more details including the main changes if you want to upgrade from 7.0.x.

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