Activiti Compound Primary Keys

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Activiti Compound Primary Keys


In the Activiti documentation under JPA Requirements there is a bullet point which reads:

... compound primary keys are not supported (@EmbeddedId and @IdClass).

Could someone please elaborate on why compound primary keys are not supported, and what sort of errors could be expected?



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Re: Activiti Compound Primary Keys

Hi Sean,

If you try to use compound primary key @EmbeddedId and @IdClass you will get the following error:

Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Composite-id class must implement Serializable: org.activiti.ApplicantID

Have you tried using composite id and see this error?

I used this github repo GitHub - jbarrez/spring-boot-with-activiti-example  to run a unit test with a composite Ids with @IdClass. 

I guess this is a design decision that needs to be made for JPA to work with Activiti process variables. Will need more inspection to source code to understand why.

Having said that, is this a blocker for you? Would be interesting to understand your scenario and whether we could find a workaround.

Looking forward to hear back from you,


Thong Huynh