Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #39

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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #39

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Last week I had the pleasure to attend Alfresco Day in New York City. It was a great chance to meet customers and partners creating all sorts of implementations with Activiti. We are quite excited to see their enthusiasm around our new Cloud Native approach in Activiti Cloud. The team is making significant process on the issues triaged for our Beta1 release that should see the light at the end of April.

@MiguelRuizDevEstablishing the “Request of Comments” of task manager pet-project, reading documentation on Spring Data and Spring Rest annotations, tweaking with testing using Junit and AssertJ. Repo:

@igdianovCompleted GraphQL security module. Writing unit and integration tests for GraphQL WebSockets Broker. Getting ready to submit PR with the changes.

@daisuke-yoshimotoworking on streams for BPMN signals. Also, he is working on fixing the bug issue( ACT-4246)

@constantin-ciobotarufixed default diagram when no graphic info present in model (#1808), added 'try activate a cancelled process instance' scenario with error handler support (#1809), worked for acceptance tests for ‘delete task’ functionality (#1812)

@lucianopreaworked on the query-services (PR#35) and runtime-bundle (PR#48) to fix some issue related to the events triggered by engine when a new standalone task is created and add an acceptance test (PR#9) for this scenario. Also did some work on the create a subtask API

@mteodoriUpdate Jackson for vulnerability CVE-2018-7489 #1851and Update to Spring Cloud Finchley M9 #1848

@ffazzinijoined discussions around application service responsibilities

@ryandawsonukadded new admin users to the provided keycloak configuration and defaulted admin access to only the admin role. Created PRs to add support for wildcards on process definitions in security policies and to extend security policies to audit

@erdemedeirosstarted drafting and creating a PoC for the new Process Runtime Java API.

@salaboywork on the RFC for the Activiti Cloud Application Service document plus a PoC on the data model and REST endpoints. We also started drafting our new Process Runtime Java API with @erdemedeiros

This week we will be focused on pushing these efforts forward so keep an eye on the upcoming Request for Comments(RFCs) posts and please provide feedback. These documents are open for all the community members that want to get involved and have an influence on the roadmap of the project.

Get in touch if you want to contribute:

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request Smiley Wink

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Open Source, Java, BPM and Rule Engine enthusiast and promoter. Writer of 4 books about BPM & Rule Engines, now Principal Software Engineer @ Alfresco.